How to Pick an Explainer Video Agency

So you’re convinced that you need an explainer video for your business that clearly explains your product or service to your prospects in 60-90 seconds.

The steps you need to follow to make that happen may seem straight-forward at first. However, finding the right explainer video agency can be challenging if you don’t know where and what to look for.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll find out how to pick an explainer video agency that’s just right for you.

Let’s look into the factors make an agency a good fit for your explainer video project.

Look for the experts

Explainer video production is a very specialized skill. The number one mistake a lot of businesses make is that they hand over video production tasks to their social media marketing or SEO teams.

You also have to think about an agency’s particular strengths because there are several types of B2B videos, and just because a production company can make one of those types, say customer testimonials, that doesn’t mean they can make explainers just as well.

That’s a bad idea. An agency that’s an expert in explainer video production will do the necessary research and come up with solutions that are tailor-made for you.

An animated explainer video can become the centerpiece of your marketing efforts, especially when reaching out to new prospects.

Therefore, it makes complete sense to put the necessary time and effort into finding an agency that’s the best in the business. In other words, look for the Tony Stark of explainers.

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Find out the company’s core competency

When it comes to explainer videos, there are several different types. Some companies may make great animated explainers, but live-action ones may be a bit out of their comfort zone. Try to assess what the agency’s areas of expertise are before you decide to go with them.

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See if they can handle the workload

You may want a series of explainer videos made in a short amount of time. If your campaign volume is considerably large, you have to take that into account before you select a production company.

If you go with a smaller agency, their team may not be able to handle the workload or meet deadlines.

Find a result-oriented agency

When you start the hunt, keep reminding yourself why you’re looking to get an explainer video made in the first place.

You’re most likely looking to grow your business and an explainer video is a tool that you’re convinced is vital in making that happen.

When you discuss your project with potential partners, try to evaluate if the agency’s sole purpose in your project is to get business results.

It is massively important that you and the agency are fully aligned on this and are focused on the end goal of the engagement.

How do you exactly evaluate if the agency is result-oriented? Look for the following clues:

1. How much the agency emphasizes on the business results aspect of the project?


2. Can they provide case studies where the explainer video has had an actual impact on their client’s business i.e. increase in revenue, conversions, etc.?

Discuss the terms of the contract

how to pick an explainer video agency - discuss contract

Be sure to discuss the fine print before you pick someone. Some agencies don’t include certain aspects, such as multiple revisions, in their contract.

In such cases, the upfront investment may seem very reasonable, but there’s a fair chance that you’ll end up getting nickel-and-dimed.

A simple way to understand the terms of the engagement is to just ask what’s not included in their quote. Below are some things you should discuss before signing that contract:

1. How many revisions are included as part of the cost? How much would an extra revision cost?


2. Are the licensing costs of all elements such as music, illustrations, stock footage, etc. included?


3. Are project source files included in the final deliverable?

Look for social proof

A bunch of Fortune 500 brand logos on a company’s website don’t necessarily prove their credibility.

Be sure to check online reviews on accredited ratings & review websites such as Clutch.

You can ask for past client references and reach out to them to find out how their experience was working with the vendor.

This will also help you understand the different aspects you’ll need to consider should you move ahead with that vendor.

It’s also a good practice to see how active a business is on social media. This will give you a sense of the kind of organic response they receive from their prospects, customers, and relevant people from the industry.

Know their working hours

Explainer video production is a collaborative process, where, as a client, your input can be extremely valuable at each stage of production.

The typical production time for an explainer video can be between 6–8 weeks.

Since the process involves many steps, a lack in the frequency of communication due to the difference in business hours can have a significant impact on the timeline of the project.

You don’t necessarily need to have a partner that works on the exact same hours as you do, however, it’s important to discuss what would be the best time of the day to hold status meetings.

Evaluate work samples

This step seems like a no-brainer, however, it’s important to first work out the factors to consider when looking at an explainer video agency’s portfolio.

It isn’t uncommon to find agencies who showcase someone else’s work in their own portfolio.

There’s a couple of different methods you can use to spot a forged portfolio:

1. See if the items in the portfolio have a similar level of detail and production quality. If you don’t have the design eye to evaluate work samples, ask a relevant person from your team to help you out.


If you find a video sample that looks fairly simple and another one right next to it which could compete against Pixar’s animation work, I’d suggest doing a little more research before getting too excited and closing the deal.


2. Another simple method to evaluate legitimacy is to cross-check samples in a portfolio.


For instance, if you find an animated explainer video for Uber in a portfolio, search for the same video on online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

If you find multiple copies of the same video uploaded by different authors, there’s a good chance that the work is being abused by different individuals/companies.


Finding the right partner for your project is vital. An explainer video typically is a one-time investment and often becomes the centerpiece of your marketing material.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to do the necessary research and take the time to evaluate all options before making the decision.

Meanwhile, you don’t want to spend too much time browsing vendors and looking at work samples only to overwhelm yourself.

If the agency ticks the boxes listed above, follow your gut and kick things off with a positive mindset.

Posted by Osama Khabab

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