Ideas for Video Content

We all know that video is becoming a staple of digital content. There is no doubt about that. With the attention span of consumers decreasing day by day, you need to interact and engage them.

Social media engagement is now important. Considering they are now becoming the number one place to be for consumers. And since it is now offering you better ways to upload and use your video content, we thought we gave you some ideas on video content.


Product demos

Every now and then you want to share a new feature about your product or even introduce a new product itself. In such cases, you want to share with your audience what is new and what is being improved.

You can even create a series of short videos for your target audience that will showcase one feature at a time.


How-to videos

Demos are similar to how-to videos but you can be more focused on certain areas of your app or product in how-to videos. You can share information on complex parts of your product so that those that use them don’t face any problems.

You can even recreate your blog posts into how-to guides to gain more traction on social media.


Interviews and webinars

Another piece of content that you can share through videos is interviews. Get experts in your industry and share their interviews on your social media platforms. Not only would you exhibit your prowess but also your customers will respect the opinion of an expert on your platform that will help in brand building.


BTS videos

When brands become candid, they become personal with their customers. Short videos can be used to share behind the scene glimpse of the company.

Interviews with the employees, what goes behind in events, how does a product reach the customers, and much more.


Sharing news

With short videos, you can share news regarding new products or services, upcoming events, and even new discounts. It does not have to be a promotional video but in fact, it can be a funny, engaging video that showcases the news in a friendly manner.


Event promos

With short videos, you can easily promote your upcoming events. You can share your booth at an expo or share highlights of your events with your customers. With videos, you can actually engage your customers by showing them scenes of the events in real-time.

Images have been used for a long but with videos you can make your customers feel as if they are right there, participating in the event.

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