Improve Your Site’s UX with These 7 Video Content Ideas

Videos have become an integral part of our digital life, and it’s surprising just how many videos we consume daily on the internet. They have become the ultimate tool for inbound marketing!

An online user visiting your website would want to be entertained or informed by the content they spend their time on. If your content intrigues the user, they are more likely to stay on your website for longer and form a deeper connection with you.

With 70% of marketers believing that videos show a positive ROI, there isn’t a chance you can go wrong with video.


How can video improve your site’s UX?

The use of videos for online marketing is a trend that’s here to stay. Videos help you to create an immersive experience for the user and build solid connections with them.

They give a vivid description of what your product/business has to offer and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Here are some of the reasons to add videos to your site:


Helps to enhance your SEO ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is enhanced by using videos as they help companies to draw more audiences to their web pages.

Research also shows that videos published on a web page can increase a site’s traffic up to 157 percent. Videos boost businesses which are new to the digital world and help them build up a strong online presence.


Your audience understands better

Scientifically proven, the human brain can debug visual content faster than text, so videos are the best way to help companies tell their brand’s story in the most compelling manner.

Not only are videos preferred over images, but audiences love when they can receive relevant information in the quickest time.


You can create a brand persona

Videos enable you to create a special persona for your website and compel the users to interact with it. With the best-suited UX video and animation, you can tap into the specific emotions of your users and convey brand motives more effectively.


Helps improve customer services

Usually, users have queries about a service/product that a company offers, and contacting customer support can be highly cumbersome.

A business can enhance the online customer care experience by uploading how-to videos, through UX design, on self-service portals.

This way, companies can not only make their website more user-friendly, but they can decrease the cost of hiring a customer support staff.

Since now we know how videos can significantly improve your site’s user experience, let’s look at how to do that.


7 best video content ideas to improve your site’s UX


1. Add culture videos to show your organizational values

Culture videos can focus on your existing employees, where you can show a day in the life of a real-life employee of your company. You can also do a highlight reel of your office and add testimonials from the people working in your company asking why they like working with you.

This isn’t just great for attracting talent to your company but shows your customers and prospects that your someone worth engaging with.

Aldi example

Credits: Aldi


2. Add an explainer or demo about your product/services

The best technique to grab the audiences’ attention is through explainer videos or demos. These videos can convey all the required information to the expected buyer, so they know how to open, handle or use a product.

Half of your sales pitch is done if your product video is informative and creative. The video and its content are enough to convince your audience to make a purchase while also making their online shopping experience favorable.



Credits: Livestorm


3. Answer customer queries through FAQ videos

FAQ video or how-to videos give a step-by-step guide regarding the product/service you offer. Customers can easily figure out the answers to their queries just by watching the video.

So, instead of writing it all down in a text-based FAQ page, why not add brief yet descriptive FAQ videos for your site visitors?



Credits: Amazon


4. Build trust with customer testimonials

One thing that convinces a user to buy your product is an honest review of your brand and service. You, praising your own product and its usability, is not enough.

Prospective buyers would want to hear from random people about their experience with your brand. Their positive feedback will then build a relationship of trust between your brand and those potential customers.


Xero example

Credits: Xero


5. Show your USP with comparison videos

There are swarms of items in the market—similar to yours. What will convince a user to buy YOUR product and not your competitor’s?

The solution is simple: comparison videos that tell your consumers about your brand’s unique selling point (USP).

Comparison videos mention all the pros and cons of a product without any biases.

When two or more products are tallied based on their pros, cons, and pricing, it helps the user reach the best purchasing decision and optimize their positive user experience.



6. Allow users to navigate your site via interactive videos

Humans are social animals, and we love interactions with new people or things. So does the need to interact transfer into the digital space?

Yes, definitely. People love immersive experience!

Audiences will engage with an interactive video uploaded on your website because it’s fun and creative. Users can interact with the video content and explore what’s in front of them. This freedom adds to the user experience quotient.

Interactive videos stand out from other modes of media because they allow users to view your product and navigate your site freely, leading to a unique user experience, longer time spent on website and, possibly, higher conversions.


interactive music video exmaple


7. Show your knowledge and expertise through webinars

Webinars and webinar marketing is the best media strategy to optimize audience experience and quality leads. These are mostly about your company’s aims, products, services, etc.

You can also make a webinar on your knowledge and expertise, which would prove your standing in the industry while also ensuring loyal customers.


Ahrefs example

Credits: Ahrefs


That’s all

In short, videos are the best way to engage with audiences to inform them about your product or service in the most appealing way.

And the dynamic nature of videos increases the probability that your brand image will stick with users for a long time, even if they don’t open your website regularly.

With today’s high-speed internet and digital technologies, video marketing is within reach.

But if you don’t have the resources to make one yourself, you can always hire someone to get the job done. We have a team of video enthusiasts that would love to help. So, get in touch if you have some ideas!

Want a video for your business?


Posted by Tuba Waseem

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