Knowing the Difference Between Being Laid-Back or Being Patient

When I decided to switch my career from an electrical engineer to starting my own digital agency, I did not have a clear vision of what I was set to accomplish. All I knew was, I love what I do and I can do this for the rest of my life. Soon I realized that having passion for your work is not the only thing that keeps you going. What you really need to have above everything else is Patience.

A lot of people I know create an illusion for themselves by seeing their laidback attitude as patience. They also consider me to be the least patient person they know.

To me, being patient means working your face off everyday to get things done fast, while having the perseverance to trust in the process to achieve your long-terms goals.

Recently, I saw the opportunity to pitch a world-renowned brand about partnering with us for their digital marketing efforts. This was a big opportunity and my business partner wanted us to schedule a meeting with the brand within couple of days. I knew we needed time to position ourselves for success. I decided to put the team to work and we spent 2 weeks working tirelessly to construct a plan to pitch the client, which led us to winning the project.

I’m a believer that when you couple speed in your day-to-day tasks with patience to achieve your long-term goals, amazing things happen!



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