Marketing Conferences 2024 – Mark Your Calendar

Stepping into 2024, the marketing world is buzzing with fresh ideas and cool strategies. It’s all about attending the right marketing conferences to catch the latest trends and tricks.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of some must-visit marketing conferences in 2024, where experts will spill their secrets, and you get to be part of the action.

Attending these conferences will help you strengthen your brand’s marketing strategies including video marketing.

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The marketing conferences we are about to discuss are where the magic happens, from the latest digital trends to awesome brand experiences.

Let’s dive into these events that are shaping the future of marketing and find out how you can be part of the excitement!


1. Affiliate Summit West

Date: January 15–17

Location: Las Vegas

Affiliate Summit is a series of marketing conferences that brings together professionals in the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Summit West is one of the events in this series, specifically catering to those in the Western region.

These marketing conferences provide a platform for affiliate marketers, advertisers, merchants, and other stakeholders to network, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends.

Attendees can expect to participate in educational sessions, panel discussions, and networking events where they can build connections and explore potential collaborations.

The conferences typically cover various aspects of affiliate marketing, including strategies for affiliates, insights for merchants and advertisers, and discussions on the latest technologies and trends shaping the industry.


2. Social Media Marketing World

Date: February 18–20, 2024

Location: San Diego, CA

The Social Media Marketing World (SMMW) organized by Social Media Examiner is an annual marketing conference that focuses on providing insights and strategies in the field of social media marketing.

It is one of  thepremier gatherings for marketing professionals, social media managers, business owners, and industry experts.

Sessions often cover topics such as content creation, social media advertising, influencer marketing, analytics, and the overall landscape of the ever-evolving social media industry.

The community aspect of SMMW also provides attendees with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with like-minded professionals in the field.


3. Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

Date: March 12–13, 2024

Location: Munich

Search Marketing Expo is a marketing conference series that focuses on search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

SMX events bring together digital marketing professionals, SEO experts, SEM specialists, and industry thought leaders to discuss and share insights on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the field of search marketing.

SMX conferences are organized by Third Door Media, and they take place in various locations worldwide.

The marketing conferences aim to provide a platform for digital marketers to stay updated on the rapidly evolving landscape of search marketing and to connect with peers in the industry.

Attendees have the chance to learn about the latest developments in search engine algorithms, effective SEM and SEO techniques, content optimization strategies, and other relevant topics.


4. MozCon 2024

Date: June 3–4

Location: Seattle

MozCon is an annual marketing conference organized by Moz, a company that provides tools and resources for search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

MozCon is one of the leading events in the SEO and digital marketing industry. These annual marketing conferences typically feature presentations and workshops from industry experts, covering a wide range of topics.

The topics are related to SEO, content marketing, link building, social media, and online marketing strategies.

The conference aims to provide actionable takeaways that attendees can apply to their own digital marketing efforts.

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5. Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo

Date: June 3–5

Location: Denver, CO

Gartner is a research and advisory company that provides insights and analysis across various industries, including marketing.

The Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo is an annual event that brings together marketing leaders, professionals, and experts to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in marketing.

Attendees gain valuable insights into emerging marketing technologies, consumer behavior, data-driven marketing strategies, and other pertinent topics.

The event focuses on providing practical and actionable advice based on Gartner’s research and analysis.

It covers a wide range of marketing areas, including digital marketing, customer experience, analytics, and the impact of emerging technologies on marketing practices.


6. Growth Marketing Summit

Date: June 19

Location: Frankfurt

The Growth Marketing Summit is an annual event that focuses on growth marketing strategies and tactics.

This summit typically brings together professionals and experts in the field of marketing to discuss innovative approaches for driving business growth.

The Growth Marketing Stage organizes this summit. Growth Marketing Stage is an organization that specializes in hosting conferences and events focused on growth marketing strategies and innovations.

Attendees can expect to learn about the latest trends in growth marketing. These include data-driven strategies, customer acquisition techniques, conversion optimization, and other aspects crucial to achieving scalable and sustainable growth.


7. Social Media Week (SMW)

Date: June 19–20

Location: Lima

Social Media Week (SMW) is a global conference series that explores the intersection of technology, media, and society. It is organized by Crowdcentric Media LLC. Crowdcentric Media is a media and marketing company

Industry professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts in the fields of marketing, advertising, digital media, and technology, all attend this conference.

Social Media Week has a diverse range of topics and discussions and covers the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the realm of social media and digital marketing.

The marketing conferences aim to provide insights into the ever-evolving landscape of social media, showcasing strategies for effective social media marketing, content creation, influencer engagement, and community building.

As Social Media Week is a global event, it takes place in various cities around the world, each hosting its own version of the conference.

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8. Inbound Conference 2024

Date: September 18–20

Location: Boston

The Inbound Conference is an annual event organized by HubSpot, a leading provider of inbound marketing and sales software. The conference is dedicated to all things inbound marketing, sales, and customer success.

Inbound, as a methodology, focuses on attracting, engaging, and delighting customers by providing them with valuable and relevant content and experiences.

Like other marketing conferences, the Inbound Conference aims to bring together professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales professionals.

They share knowledge, discuss best practices, and explore innovative approaches to growing businesses through inbound methodologies.


9. DigiMarCon 2024

Date: Multiple dates

Location: Multiple cities

Digimarcon is a series of digital marketing conferences that take place globally. They are organized by the company Digital Marketing Conferences LLC.

These conferences are designed to bring together digital marketing professionals, industry leaders, and experts to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in the field of digital marketing.

Key features of Digimarcon conferences include top keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, networking, and more.

The conferences cover a wide range of topics within digital marketing, including social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and emerging trends in the digital landscape.


10. Ad:tech Tokyo 2024

Date: October 17

Location: Tokyo

Ad:tech Tokyo is an annual digital marketing and advertising conference held in Tokyo, Japan. It is known as Asia’s Largest Marketing Conference.

This conference is part of the global ad:tech series that takes place in various locations around the world.

Ad:tech events bring together professionals in the marketing, advertising, and technology industries to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and strategies shaping the digital marketing landscape.

Key features of ad:tech Tokyo includes an exhibition area where companies showcase their products and services.

The conference covers a wide range of topics, including digital advertising, data analytics, content marketing, social media, programmatic advertising, and emerging technologies.

Ad:tech Tokyo provides a platform for industry leaders, marketers, and tech enthusiasts to share insights, network, and stay updated on the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing.

The event typically attracts a diverse audience, including marketers, advertisers, publishers, and technology providers.

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That’s a wrap

Staying ahead of the curve is paramount, and the marketing conferences lined up for 2024 present unparalleled opportunities to do just that.

We hope this article was helpful and you’re ready to attend your favorite marketing conferences in 2024. These gatherings offer a front-row seat to the latest trends, innovations, and strategies that will shape the future of marketing.

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