Mobile Video Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

In mobile video advertising, video ads are specifically made for mobile phones.

They can be of different types, interactive, typographic, banners ads, etc.

These kinds of video ads are scaled down to fit the smaller screen of a mobile phone, but the enormous reach these mobile video ads have makes them a worth-it investment.


Why use mobile video advertising in 2021?

It is no surprise that mobile is a popular device for video consumption.

According to a 2021 video marketing survey, 66% of consumers said they watched video content on their mobile phones.

Hence, it has also become a convenient choice for marketers to use it for advertising purposes.

In 2021, here’s what marketers plan to experiment with:

Video marketers experiment


One such company that has utilized mobile video advertising, as part of its strategy, is Space Ape Games.

Space Ape Games used smart targeting and video ads to lower the cost of acquiring new players and boost installs globally.

Facebook played a key part in its marketing strategy.

They found out through testing that video works best with their target audience; people who grew up with the Transformers cartoons and comics and the next generation who mostly grew up with the movies.

Since Transformers fans love videos, within a week the company realized that it was by far the best channel.

So, video represented 90% of their ad spend, and this resulted in 50% lower cost per install, 2x amount of conversions, and 2x lifetime value!

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Different types of mobile video ads


In-App video ads

In-App video ads are ads with animations and effects to appeal to a user using an app.

They can include banners, native ads, and reward ads, etc. Since these ads are scaled to fit the app, they look more attractive than mobile web ads.

In-app video ad example

Credits: businessofapps


Gamified video ads

Gamified mobile video ads are an interactive and natural way to gather the user’s interest.

The mobile gaming advertisements work well with marketing apps. They are effective at generating user data such as consumer profiles, etc., and creating high conversion rates.

Gamified video ads example

Credits: gamification

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Instream video ads

Instream video ads are placed in another original video content that a mobile user is watching.

This video ad type includes three separate formats: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video advertisements.

Pre-roll video ads are best at increasing brand awareness.

Mid-roll can be used to increase user engagement.

Post-roll is helpful in increasing conversions.

Instream mobile video ad


Interstitial video ads

Interstitial videos are full-screen interactive ads that cover the interface of an app and appear at natural transition points.

For example, when a game is paused, or an app is closed. These ads have a high impression rate and are effective at increasing the number of downloads and generating revenue.


Popular mobile advertising platforms


Google Ads

Google is the king of digital advertising.

Google Ads offers a range of mobile ad types, including the most popular—video ads.

The advertisers are also provided with various targeting options and allowed to market their ads on Google SERPs, browsers, and apps, etc.


Google ads



This mobile video ad network allows publishers to promote a video ad within an app’s usage and is a popular choice amongst mobile game developers.

Using this platform, the audience can be micro-targeted based on the mobile device they use, their internet connections, demographics, and more.

Ad Colony

Credits: AdColony


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ads

The social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, have their own advertising spaces and huge mobile audiences.

These platforms support various ad types, including native, instream, interstitial ads, etc., while providing the advertisers with customization options for their marketing campaigns.

TikTok ads

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Unity ads

Unity ads is an ad monetization solution for mobile game developers who can monetize their entire player base while also increasing their LTV (lifetime value) with an option to choose the target players.

It works well with Android 2.3 upwards and iOS 4.0 onwards, giving it a large reach on the market.

Unity ads

Credits: Unity


Best tips to create mobile video ads

1. Increase your video quality: To satisfy your viewer, it is important that the video quality is up to par.

For that, video publishers can use technologies such as Multi-codec streaming which will allow optimizing their video streams without requiring a lot of bandwidth.

2. Maintain your brand identity: Make sure to include the elements of your brand identity, such as logos, fonts, slogans, etc., they will keep your visual identity consistent.

3. Have a clear marketing goal in mind: Creating an effective video ad requires a clear idea behind it.

Do you want your ad to be about your product or your organizational culture?

Whatever it is, make sure that it is customer-centric and aims to inform, inspire or entertain the audience.

4. Create a storyline that does not require sound: Normally, people like to use their phones without any noise, so create an ad that does not necessarily require audio or at least gives a sound option to choose. You can also employ text overlays or captions.

5. Optimize your videos for slow internet connections: Sometimes mobile phones can have spotty internet connections, so make sure that the length and quality of your video ad suits all the network connections.

Keep your video length under 15 seconds.

6. Keep in mind the different aspect ratio specifications: When creating a mobile video ad, optimize it for each platform and network, as they might have different aspect ratio specifications.

For example, 1:1 (square) for Instagram and Facebook Feed, 9:16 (full portrait/vertical) for Stories.

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Some notable mobile video ads



This e.l.f. Cosmetics GIF on Tiktok is a great example of an effective mobile video ad. These kind of ads have lower production cost as compared to the YouTube ads.

The slow-motion effect, appealing music and the sparkles show off the brand in a unique way and effectively deliver the message across.




In January 2021 alone, Netflix’s mobile app for iOS and Android was downloaded 19 million times. Although the TV audience is still there, the mobile audience cannot be ignored.

Therefore, Netflix has used vertical video to create previews of new shows and uploading them on its IG account.


Netflix ad



Mercedes Benz created a two-minute black-and-white film celebrating the 130th anniversary of the first long-distance drive, undertaken by Bertha Benz in 1888, for its mobile users.

The video was uploaded on various social media platforms in both vertical and horizontal formats.


Mercedez- Benz ad


That’s a wrap

Thank you for reading our blog. If you need some fresh marketing ideas for your mobile video advertising, then hit us up.

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