10 Questions for a Winning Video Testimonial

The digital age paved the way for marketers and advertisers to become a constant presence in our lives.

This caused in-your-face marketing tactics to become so pervasive that people learned to tune out the noise.

So, if you’re a marketer trying to nurture and convert leads that may be on the fence about your product or service, you can’t just rave about your offering.

Here’s a better approach: create customer testimonial videos.

In this infomercial for BluBlocker sunglasses, legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman gets people to try out the product and share their thoughts.

This testimonial-driven infomercial was a resounding success and resulted in 300,000 sales/month!



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The effectiveness of this type of content is backed by data as well. A survey we conducted showed that 62% of people feel that video testimonials/reviews help them in making a buying decision.

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Why are customer video testimonials effective?

Customer video testimonials provide the social proof needed to help a person or group of people make a decision.

People normally won’t trust a sales representative who’s praising a product that he or she is entrusted to sell.

Therefore, glowing recommendations from past customers and their experience can be exactly what your prospects need to take that final step and choose you.

Now, the question remains: how to make an awesome testimonial video?

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you’re trying to create an effective customer testimonial video, but the type of questions you ask will decide the fate of your entire video.

Pro tip:

For your video testimonial, ask questions that can be used to construct a story. It’ll help you form a convincing sales pitch.

Additionally, avoid asking loaded questions and keep the questionnaire open-ended.

Here are the best video testimonial questions to ask your customers.


10 video testimonial questions that will make an impact

Before you start worrying about the interview location, setting, equipment required, etc. brainstorm a compelling set of questions that you could ask your subject for the video testimonial.

Additionally, an important thing to consider is that a lot of people tend to be camera shy. So ask the right questions and create a comfortable environment where your subject can feel at ease.

Send your customer the questionnaire before you hold the interview so they know what will be covered.


1. What problem did you want to solve?

This question will allow your subject to express their pain points.

It will be something that viewers, facing a similar problem, will be able to relate to. And it will lay the foundation for a convincing testimonial.

In this cool video, Adam, the founder of Sandwich Video, mentions the problem he wanted to solve at the 29-second mark.

He talks about how their method of communication (pre-Slack) wasn’t sustainable. And so, they gave the service a shot.



2. How did you discover us?

Your customer will have the opportunity to share what steps lead them to your doorstep.

It’s a great way to subtly let your viewers know what path they can follow to get to you.

Having a defined route makes the buying decision much easier.


3. What made you consider our product/service as a viable solution?

In the consideration stage, people often compare two or more options that they believe could resolve their problem.

Asking your customer to elaborate on this point may result in them comparing you to your biggest competitor and then affirming that you were the best option.

And let’s face it, a claim like that coming from a past client is more believable than a similar one coming from actors in an ad who’re paid to repeat lines you feed them.


4. Were there any hindrances that made it difficult for you to get a hold of the product/service?


obstacles - video testimonial questions

Credits: Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash


This one can help you discover some unknown issues that might be making your offering less desirable. Simplifying the buyer’s journey is extremely important and this is an opportunity for you to do just that.


5. Were you reluctant to buy the product? If so, what reservations did you have that made you second guess going ahead with the company?

This one essentially builds on the previous question and digs a little deeper. You might find something that could drastically improve your overall marketing strategy.


6. How has the product impacted your business?

If you’re in the B2B industry, this one can help you gain valuable insights. The company may have a cool story to tell that will elevate your product/service.


7. How was your experience interacting with the company?

A company’s customer service could be what sets it apart from others.

It’s what makes Nordstrom special. Take a look at this video featuring one of their customers and her amazing story.



The takeaway: If an employee of yours went above and beyond to help out the customer you’re interviewing for your video testimonial, you can bet they’ll remember and talk about it enthusiastically.


8. If your best friend wasn’t convinced about trying our product/service, what would you say to bring them on board?

Asking your subject to address their friend keeps the conversation natural and adds empathy to what they say.

This one’s a great alternative to “would you recommend our product to your friends?” or “tell us about your favorite product features”.

A question like this will prime your interviewee to talk more passionately about product/service features they loved.


9. Is there something we could have done differently?

An open-ended question to receive feedback is always a good idea.

Your main purpose shouldn’t just be to fish for the perfect sound bites for promoting your brand, it should also be about maintaining customer satisfaction and constantly striving to improve your services.


10. Is there something else you’d like to add?

A question like this may encourage your customer or client to be candid and share something about your company that they may not have mentioned before in the interview so far.


The bottom line

The questions you ask can make or break your testimonial video. But if you do it right, this type of content can be worth the investment because it’ll help you close leads successfully.

Side note: Video case studies are another type of content that can help build credibility for your business and nurture leads.

If you’d like more information about video testimonials, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

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Posted by Maria Saif

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