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Give your stakeholders a deep dive into what your company stands for with corporate video production.

Corporate video production for internal and external communication

Corporate video production has a range of internal and external use cases. From marketing videos to training and onboarding content, corporate video production is ideal for attracting your target audience, increasing engagement, and boosting conversion.

Animated or live-action corporate videos can also help you build credibility and position you as an industry leader, especially if you regularly put out valuable, educational content. Apart from that, you can use corporate video production for employee training and internal communication as well.

MotionCue’s efforts have led to increased usage and downloads of our app. The workflow is highly efficient. Their ideas and refinement are highly impressive.

Jeremy Vanisacker,

Director of Product Management, InterPark, LLC

The video was amazing! I loved how transparent they were during the whole video production process—they listened to all of our feedback but also provided their guidance to maximize every detail of the video.

Kyriakos Zannikos,

Former E-Commerce Director of Pacific Asia, Abbott

They worked very fast, and it was a painless process. They understood the concept and purpose of the video and it was perfect for what we needed.

Andrea Molinares Garcia,

Marketing Coordinator, Racami

Corporate video production showcase



Racami is a B2B company that makes it easier for businesses to manage their physical and digital operations. The main challenge Racami faced with its product and service promotion was the fact that most companies that already have their office management systems in place, aren’t too keen on switching to a new way of doing things.

To show prospects how easy and seamless the transition is, Racami approached us to create an animated corporate video production. We worked with Racami to perfect the messaging and created this short video pitch. The company showcased the animated corporate video on its homepage and saw a 200% increase in conversions.

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Learn from the world’s best companies

At MotionCue, we’ve produced videos for industry leaders in a variety of fields so we can confidently tell you what works. You’ll avoid costly errors and get expert guidance on style, voice, strategy, and distribution based on your individual goals.

Why work with a corporate video production company?

Working with a corporate video production company like ours will allow you to tap into a wealth of insights our video experts have gained while working with leaders in technology, shipping and logistics, healthcare, SaaS, and finance.

This experience makes us confident in what works and what doesn’t. You’ll avoid costly errors and get expert guidance on style, voice, strategy, and distribution based on your objectives.

Why invest in corporate video production?

When it comes to communication and marketing, whether you’re classified as B2B or B2C, at the end of the day, you’re trying to reach people. And people—regardless of their age, gender, or job title—love watching videos.

It’s one of the reasons why marketers swear by video and about 58% of them plan to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategies next year. Consequently, using video to get your message across is a solid bet. If you need some more cold, hard facts to judge whether corporate video production is worth it, here are some insights from our consumer survey:

  • 76% of our respondents said that product/service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.
  • 63% of consumers said that video keeps brands top of mind.
  • 62% of respondents found employee training videos useful for their business.

Essentially, corporate video production can help you achieve your business goals and support your internal communication and training by way of corporate employee training/onboarding videos.

Our corporate video production process


This stage helps us understand your business, target audience, and goals. We’ll also decide on a style for your corporate video and the overall direction of the project.

Scripting & voice-over

With a concept locked, we’ll write a script. When you’re happy with it, we’ll find a voice-over artist for narration and dialogue.


If you’ll get an animated corporate video made, then the team will work on the storyboard which includes creating the visuals/illustrations and background for your video.


Once you’re happy with the storyboard, we’ll begin animating. Finally, the voice-over, sound effects, and music will be added.


Have questions about corporate video production? Check out the queries below. If you want to get in touch with us directly, use our contact form to send us a message.

Is corporate video production right for my business?

During our initial discussion, we will collaborate with you to determine if corporate video production is the best fit for your needs.

How much does a typical corporate video cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the complexity and length of the video. We offer a range of options to fit different budgets and needs.

How long does it take to complete a corporate video production?

Your corporate video production could take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. The timeline depends on the complexity of the project.

How do feedback and revisions work?

We offer unlimited revisions as long as the scope of work remains unchanged. Our revision policy is straightforward and designed to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your corporate video.

Who is MotionCue?

MotionCue is a video animation company based in New York. It’s home to a team of talented, idiosyncratic individuals who love animation, design, and marketing. Animated video production is our expertise and we take pride in helping brands uncover the power of this medium.

Our clients range from prestigious Fortune 100 companies that you know to inspiring young startups that you’ll know about someday. We’re invested in the success of each of thembig and smalland we’ll put in the extra effort to make sure your project exceeds your expectations.

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