Motion Graphics

Mesmerizing, eye-catching, and effective

Hook your audience with captivating motion graphics. Get your message across with a dash of creativity.

The fourth law of motion

Prospects in a state of indifference will remain in that state unless acted upon by an external force of motion graphics. Our brains are hardwired to detect motion. Use this to your advantage and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.




Case Study: ExxonMobil

CLIENT OBJECTIVE: Announce Partnership

ExxonMobil and WinGD; two major marine industry suppliers started a collaboration to benefit vessel operators during a time of unprecedented change. The brands wanted to highlight this partnership at global conferences.

SOLUTION: Animated Video

The team set out to create an animated video to be played at conferences. The primary goal was to design vibrant and eye-catching visuals that would gain attention of the people attending the conference.

RESULT: Positive Response

The video achieved massive awareness for the ExxonMobil & WinGD collaboration, at conferences as well as other marketing channels.

Our work


Richard Qian, Associate Brand Manager, Aveeno®

We worked with Osama and his Motioncue team on a very tight timeline award video with many internal stakeholders, and his team worked around the clock to make sure we delivered a quality final product on time and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend his team for any creative video work.

Maureen Malloy, Director, Content Marketing at Decision Resources Group

Osama and his team went above and beyond to help us try a new type of content and tackle issues and we love the result! Super friendly, patient and nice to work with. Looking forward to working with his team again!

Attila Toth, Founder & CEO,

MotionCue has done a superb job for our startup. High quality deliverables against tight deadlines, excellent project management and great customer service. No doubt we will work with MotionCue again! I wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

Emelie Dorlin, Global Marketing Manager, LifeScan

Our collaboration with the agency works very well, it has been always carried with a professional way, the deliverables are on high level and timeline are always reached.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some quick answers to questions about motion graphics we are often asked. Shoot us a message through our contact form if you’d like to learn more.

What are motion graphics?

Though motion graphics are a form of animation, they are more minimalistic and heavily rely on animated elements and text.

How much does a typical motion graphics video cost?

The cost of a motion graphics video varies depending on its duration and complexity. Our prices are suitable for various budgets.

How long does it take?
Depending upon the complexity of your project, it can take between 4-8 weeks to complete a mobile app video.
How do feedback and revisions work?
Our revision policy is simple. We offer unlimited revisions as long as there’s no change in scope of work.

Our process

Simplify your message

Our first step is to thoroughly understand your business goals, and define your target audience. We then help you simplify your message by making it easily understandable for your audience, and by losing any fancy insider jargon.


We then propose different video concepts and visual styles that will best resonate with your audience. After all, it’s your project, so you will choose what style fits your brand the best.

Lights, Camera, Action!

After we’re aligned on the first two steps, we start the fun part. Motion graphics video production involves scripting, storyboard design, animation, and voice-over.

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