Training Video Production

Onboard customers and employees with training videos designed to help viewers understand and retain complex information.

Training videos break down complex concepts and information in minutes

Training video production has a range of benefits. The two most popular use cases can be summed up as follows:

  1. Customer training/onboarding video
  2. Employee training video production

Customer training/onboarding videos make sure that people have a seamless experience with your brand after they’ve made a purchase. This greatly reduces the risk of buyer’s remorse and ensures that your customers are getting the best use out of your products/services.

Now, let’s talk about employee training videos. Employee orientation and onboarding is a time-consuming process and often involves hours of hands-on training. And whenever there is a new employee, the process must begin anew. During the pandemic, it became abundantly clear that a new approach was needed to train and upskill employees. That’s where employee training videos come in. They can be stored in a resource library, shared easily, and referred to whenever the need arises.

MotionCue’s efforts have led to increased usage and downloads of our app. The workflow is highly efficient. Their ideas and refinement are highly impressive.

Jeremy Vanisacker,

Director of Product Management, InterPark, LLC

The video was amazing! I loved how transparent they were during the whole video production process—they listened to all of our feedback but also provided their guidance to maximize every detail of the video.

Kyriakos Zannikos,

Former E-Commerce Director of Pacific Asia, Abbott

They worked very fast, and it was a painless process. They understood the concept and purpose of the video and it was perfect for what we needed.

Andrea Molinares Garcia,

Marketing Coordinator, Racami

Training video production showcase

Whirlpool (employee onboarding)


In a world where people are concerned about the values of an organization and things such as culture fit matter more than ever, videos are a great way for companies to clarify what they stand for.

Whirlpool wanted to convey just that. And so, the team came to us for a video that would highlight the company’s dedication to integrity. The video opens with various scenarios where bad actors achieve success through unethical means. Later on, the validity of these victories is questioned by the company’s ethos. For this training video production, the team used whiteboard animation.

Edge Workspaces demo (customer onboarding)

Microsoft wanted to show prospects how teams can use Edge Workspaces to collaborate on projects with ease. To share how it all works, Microsoft decided to go with video to get its message across. They reached out to us to kickstart the project and we created this simple and effective training video to show how to take advantage of Workspaces.


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Learn from the world’s best companies

At MotionCue, we’ve produced videos for industry leaders in a variety of fields so we can confidently tell you what works. You’ll avoid costly errors and get expert guidance on style, voice, strategy, and distribution based on your individual goals.

Why work with a training video production company?

Working with a training video production company like ours will give you content that captures and retains attention. Whether your goal is customer onboarding or employee training, our team has the creativity, business insight, and production know-how to bring your ideas to life.

You will get to choose the style of video that best suits your brand and your goals. The options you’ll have include: 2D animation, 3D, live-action, screen-cast, or a combination of multiple styles. Everything will be tailored to your requirements. The point is, the sky’s the limit.

Apart from the production aspect of it all, working with a training video production company will allow you to tap into insights our team has acquired from a decade of past experience. You will work with a committed group of experts who will handle your project with love and precision.

Why choose training video production?

Whether you want to make employee training videos or customer onboarding videos, the investment in this type of content brings in high ROI. Customer onboarding videos ensure that your customer faces no issues or complications while trying to use your product or service. In the long run, this will improve customer retention and may even turn them into brand advocates.

Employee training videos are also useful. You can create a resource library of orientation videos, system training videos, and so on. Creating these resources will be a one-time expense that’ll bring you infinite returns, as the content is reusable and shareable.

On top of all that, video as a medium is generally effective when it comes to training and educating viewers. People tend to remember information when it’s presented in a dynamic format. It’s even better when the video follows a story format. And if you’re still not convinced, here are a few stats from our survey to show you why training video production is a smart investment:

  • 62% of respondents found employee training videos useful for their business.
  • 59% of marketers said that video marketing showed a positive ROI

To sum up, training videos are impactful, memorable, and a great tool for helping people understand complex ideas and processes.

Our training video production process


The brief helps us understand your business, target audience, and objectives. It’ll give us a clear vision of your training video.

Scripting & voice-over

With a concept locked, we’ll finalize a script. After that, we’ll find a voice-over artist for the narration and dialogue.


Storyboarding lays the map for your training video production. You’ll get the idea for the background, characters, and illustration style.


When you’re happy with the storyboard, we’ll start animating. Once the voice-over, sound, and music are added, the video will be complete.


Do you have questions about training video production? Check out these common queries. If you’d prefer to reach out to us directly, use our contact form below and send us a message.

Is training video production right for my business?

In our initial discussion, we’ll work with you to understand your business and your goals. Once that’s established, we’ll figure out if a training video is right for you.

How much does a typical training video cost?

We offer a wide range of pricing. The cost depends on the complexity and duration of the video.

How long does it take to make a training video?

The timeline will vary depending on video length and complexity. Please get in touch for more details.

How do feedback and revisions work?

Our revision policy is simple. We offer unlimited revisions as long as there’s no change in the scope of work.

Who is MotionCue?

MotionCue is a video animation company based in New York. It’s home to a team of talented, idiosyncratic individuals who love animation, design, and marketing. Animated video production is our expertise and we take pride in helping brands uncover the power of this medium.

Our clients range from prestigious Fortune 100 companies that you know to inspiring young startups that you’ll know about someday. We’re invested in the success of each of thembig and smalland we’ll put in the extra effort to make sure your project exceeds your expectations.

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