Here’s Why You Need a Startup Explainer Video

A startup explainer video can help any new venture share its ideas in an engaging way. In this post, we’ll talk about why that is the case.

There is no doubt now that online videos have become very important for startups. Customers are now visiting websites repeatedly that offer them easy-to-digest content.

In fact, according to one research, 78% of marketers plan to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategy. Because videos are gaining prominence. They help get the message across easily and are SEO friendly, too.

But how important are videos for startups? It is true that our brains are more tuned to recognize visual communication. When the attention span of an average internet user decreases, videos hook visitors and ensure that they get the information you want them to get.

A startup can easily get an explainer video developed within a price range of $1K to 3K depending on the size. However, the ideal size of any explainer video should be within 1-2 minutes. Let’s get into the reasons as to why startups can do wonders with explainer videos.


Makes it easy to explain

For many startups, it is very hard to convey their product or service idea. For some elevator pitches, explaining the products to others can be difficult. Even if you are really good at explaining and presenting, the attention span of the listener may not be helpful to you.

This is where videos come in. A startup explainer video can easily help you demonstrate what makes your product or service unique. With catchy visuals, you can simplify your idea, create an engaging short video that delivers the message with resonance and clarity.


More conversions

Whether it’s startup pitch video or an explainer video, it will result in more conversions. This is a proven fact. According to Motioncue’s 2021 video marketing report, 70% of marketers said that videos showed a positive ROI.

A website that utilizes an introductory video not only gets a boost of traffic but also ensures that visitors spend more time on the website.

Websites that have introductory videos are able to get the attention of visitors. Take Spotify’s great introductory video that shares their platform in the simple yet elegant manner and that too within 0:53 seconds.



A startup explainer video helps in search engine optimization

With videos, you can enjoy higher rankings on search engine result pages. Consider the fact that websites with videos see an increase of 157% in search engine traffic.

Now since you are a startup you need to leverage all means of marketing. Your product or service will be searched through a search engine like Google and it is imperative that you rely on SEO techniques to get a higher ranking.


Your own personal branding

With a startup explainer video, you can convey the tone of your brand. A video that perfectly represents not only your product or service but also your business. This makes your product and business relatable to your visitors. Your mission and philosophy behind your business is promoted to others

So if you have an epic idea, and a startup around it but you’re now stuck with how to sell it then an explainer video is what you need. With MotionCue, you can get the perfect startup explainer video for your business.


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