13 Startup Videos to Kick-Start Your Business

Startup videos have proved to be a successful launchpad for emerging companies to connect with their audiences and potential investors because 83% of users have claimed that watching a product/service explainer video has helped reach a buying decision.

Many startups use this video medium to introduce themselves and showcase demos for their new products.

Be it animated or live-action, options are endless for startups to come up with a creative and endearing concept for their product videos.

We have identified and picked the best startup videos which have presented their services and products in the perfect way to forge their path ahead.


 Our pick of the best startup videos


1. hangTag

hangTag is a Canadian startup which provides a convenience to pay for the parking spot right from the comfort of your smartphone.

This video perfectly sums up what hangTag offers its audience.

The video uses animation and storytelling to shed light on the challenges of finding and paying for parking.

Also, it vividly highlights how important it is to save time and go about your business without having to worry about parking anymore.

All in all, it perfectly sums up why everyone needs a hangTag to reach that business meeting right on time.



2. Etsy Plus

Etsy is a US-based e-commerce market focused around handmade, décor, crafts, furniture, and vintage items. It helps sellers and their audiences connect on their website.

Their startup video is one of a kind. It instantly hits home with smooth transitions, flawless object movements, and vibrant color combinations.

This video amazingly showcases how their service Etsy Plus is targeted at designers for customization of their stores with such artistry and creativity.



3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most renowned names when it comes to file-hosting services.

Many major and emerging businesses are currently using Dropbox to upload, transfer and backup their work data to reduce stress.

In its startup video, Dropbox has incorporated simplicity.

The animation is charming, beautiful, and efficiently explains what they are all about. The best part: every object is donning their signature colors perfectly.

So, following into footsteps of Dropbox will be a spectacular idea. Keep it simple, add cute remarks and you are pretty much done.



4. Spotify

Spotify is a digital Swedish music streaming service that is being used by almost every famous and emerging artist you may know about.

This killer animation startup video was produced when Spotify first came to the US.

With catchy background music and effective illustrations, Spotify was able to capture the attention of millions of users and artists.

It has been a downright success as Spotify is now one of the most trusted platforms where scores of artists from all over the world are releasing their music without having second thoughts.



5. Upplication

Upplication is a Madrid-based startup that gives small business owners to develop and design their own business applications and websites.

Upplication’s startup video is distinctive and offbeat. At times, you don’t have to use a pretty straightforward approach to put your message across.

Upplication has beautifully fused the concept of a cliffhanger in their video which leaves the viewers yearning for more.

There is a tiny intro in the video, but the tagline “Welcome to the Post-PC Era” intensifies the curiosity.

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6. Notarize

Notarize helps people to legally notarize their documents by connecting them with licensed notaries through video calls 24/7.

The nature of some businesses is so serious that you may feel your audience will become miserable just learning about what you do. But Notarize perfectly infused humor in their startup video.

Along with timely transitions and well-acted sequences, the video provides boring information in a fun and amusing way which becomes easier to absorb.

So, don’t be afraid to lean on comedy and playfulness to leave a long-lasting impression.



7. Patreon

Patreon allows independent artists and musicians to run a subscription-based content service. Content creators can connect with their dedicated subscribers or ‘patrons’ and get paid on a monthly basis.

Patreon’s simple and laid-back video features emotional sentiments of independent creators and artists who earn their livelihood by being connected to their patrons.

The video also focuses on how Patreon paves the way for artists to collect funds from their audiences who are keeping the show running for them.

Adding an emotional element adds an extra layer in your startup videos to connect on a deeper level with your viewers.



8. Final

Final was a credit card security service that let its users shop in a secure way. Final Credit Card would generate a new card number so your credit card could not get hacked.

Final is though no longer open to applications for its credit card as it was acquired by Goldman Sachs, but their startup video was commendable.

The storytelling in the video is concise, clear, and effective to the point that viewers would not have a room of doubt while learning about their services.

Sometimes, a straightforward video with creative transitions and frames can make it really interesting to learn about something.



9. Cash Out

Cash Out is a software application based startup primarily focused to help businesses in handling their day-to-day business transactions and till management.

Cash Out’s promo video indicates that sometimes you don’t even need to have a script, humor, or impressive animation to introduce yourself.

Several shots of your mundane routine with exquisite camera work, nostalgic music, and nice editing are enough to showcase what your product is all about.



10. Dayuse.com

Dayuse.com was founded to help tourists, travelers and guests to find daytime hotel bookings.

If you follow unique cinematography techniques of films such as Wes Anderson’s or any other director’s, then this startup video will totally have you hooked.

Along with cinematography, this video has blended aspects of bizarreness and weirdness which compels viewers to watch it through the end.

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11. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most acclaimed names when it comes to tourism. With over 150 million users worldwide, Airbnb provides lodging, homes, hotels, and vacation rentals.

Airbnb’s startup video is of the level which we aim to reach one day at some point. We don’t have adequate words to explain how amazing their startup video is.

The narration in the video shares the origin story of how Airbnb came into being with just about wonderful animation in just over a minute.



12. Panorama9

Panorama9 is a cloud-based service which provides companies with a remotely hosted IT management dashboards and systems.

Panorama9’s startup video adopted the nostalgia component of 8-bit video games to feature the pros of using Panorama9’s IT system for your company.

Reminiscing about fond memories is a good way to explain your services and catch the eye of your audience.



13. PadMapper

PadMapper is a location-based apartment, houses, condos, and sublets rental search engine keeping in view different filters.

If stick figures are your weakness then you can draw some inspiration from PadMapper’s startup video. It also integrates some humor to keep the audience involved throughout the video.



Final thoughts

Startup videos have proved to be a sufficient way to catapult your business or product towards success.

If you are looking to come up with a startup video for your business, then you must lean towards hiring a professional video production agency that will help you kick-start your journey the way you want.


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