The Video Marketing Landscape in 2020

Marketer and Consumer Survey

Video content is taking over the world. Cisco’s report predicted that by 2021, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic.

To better understand the impact of video marketing, we surveyed 500 marketers and consumers in the United States and Canada and have presented our findings in this report.

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Marketers Survey

Insights from Marketers

76% of marketers say that video has shown positive ROI in their marketing efforts.

77% of marketers believe that video has successfully helped them achieve their business objectives.

72% of marketers feel that videos have helped them in improving Google search rankings.

66% of marketers have shared brand videos on YouTube. Out of these, 73% believe it helped the business.

68% of marketers have shared brand videos on Instagram. Out of these, 65% believe it helped the business.

54% of marketers have shared brand videos on LinkedIn. Out of these, 78% believe it helped the business.

These stats show that most marketers share brand videos on Facebook.
LinkedIn, on the other hand, seems to be under-utilized considering that it has appeared to show the best results.

54% of marketers have used live video to connect with their audience. Out of these, 78% believe it helped the business.

Video Marketing in 2020 – The Present

82% of businesses are posting between 1-4 videos a month.

78% of marketers believe that a brand video targeting cold audience should be no longer than 60 seconds.

77% of marketers are making short videos to upload as stories on social media.

Future Outlook

85% of marketers believe that video will play an important role in marketing in coming years.

86% of marketers plan to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategy in the future.

Consumers Survey

The Social Media Video Landscape in 2020

78% of people said they check their social feed first thing in the morning.

80% of people feel they spend more than a quarter of their time watching videos when using social media.

Does Video Still Reign Supreme?

70% of people believe that video is the number 1 form of brand communication that keeps brands on top of their minds.

65% of people prefer watching videos on YouTube compared to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

What Makes a Video Engaging?

91% of people say that they decide if they’re going to continue watching a video within the first 10 seconds.

80% of people believe a product/service explainer video shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds.

People’s opinions seem to be evenly split when it comes to deciding what makes an engaging video:

Brand Videos
That People Want to Watch

4 out of 10 people prefer watching educational videos over entertainment.

62% of people feel that video testimonials/ reviews help them in making a buying decision.

72% of people prefer watching training/ tutorial videos compared to reading training material.

Lessons for Brands

6 out of 10 people feel more connected to the brands that use videos on social media.

59% of people prefer watching a short video compared to reading text descriptions to understand a product or service.

What Brands
Need to Start Doing More

65% of people believe brands don’t produce videos worth-watching.

63% of people want business executives to connect with their customers through video.

How Do People
React to Well-made Videos?

80% of people believe they don’t skip a YouTube ad if they find it relevant.

65% of people are likely to share a brand video they like with their friends/ family.

80% of people feel they’ll visit a brand’s website if they like their video.

2020 Video Marketing Trends

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