Why character design is important for your explainer video? Explainer videos are great. They sum up your message in 60 – 90 seconds and with rich colors and animation keep your customers hooked to the video.  Once key element of an explainer video is characters. Characters are created to share the message in a friendlier manner. The character can be used to showcase whatever it is you want.  Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when creating a character for your explainer video.

Plan, research and then plan:

The characters that you use in your explainer video will be used again and again. Not only will they be used in your explainer video but in fact you can use them again in your social media content, how to guide videos and in fact use them like a mascot.  We recommend that you plan them out by researching other animators and their characters. See what they have done and get inspired.

Who are you targeting?

An explainer video is being created for a specific audience. It is important that you create the character considering that audience.  If for example you are targeting children then your character should be funny, cuddly or something that directly relates to children.  Characters are going to be the focal point of your video. It is imperative that they relate to your audience.

Unique Characteristics

Your character should have some unique characteristics. Consider this: If you create a monkey, you will find hundreds, in fact thousands of monkeys online that are similar to yours. To make your character unique, you will have to rely on exaggerating their appearance. Wearing clothes, hats or having funny features can make your character unique and different from others.


Did you know that colors can impact your communication? Pixar states: Typically, dark colours such as black, purples and greys depict baddies with malevolent intentions. Light colours such as white, blues, pinks and yellows express innocence, good and purity.

Characters are important element of your explainer videos. At MotionCue we make sure that every character that we design is fresh and new.  If you are in need for a quality explainer video you should leave your details with us here.

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