Top 15 Most Popular Types of Videos in 2019

Chances are that you’ve spiraled down the YouTube rabbit hole at least once in your life because there’s something for everyone on the platform. But out of the 500+ hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute and about 23 million channels in existence, as of 2018, what are the most popular types of videos of 2019?

In this post, that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss.


Most popular types of videos in 2019


1. Gaming

The idea of watching someone else play video games online may sound absurd. To critics, I’d argue that let’s plays and gaming channels aren’t that different from the basketball or football games people like to watch on TV.

Jack Septic Eye and PewDiePie are some of the most popular YouTubers who post this type of content.

*PewDiePie’s Subscriber Rank: 3



2. Sports

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular channels on YouTube with an impressive 44 million subscriber count. The channel combines sports and comedy.

Epic trick shots have made Dude Perfect a force to be reckoned online. This type of content, when executed well, can be a hit with the audience.

Dude Perfect’s Subscriber Rank: 13



3. Comedy

Comedy makes the world a better place. According to research, funny videos are the ones that are most likely to go viral.

American comedian Ryan Higa’s channel nigahiga is amongst the most popular ones in this category.

Many creators add an element of humor to their content. From gaming channels to beauty gurus, comedy makes its way into all forms of content.

nigahiga’s Subscriber Rank: 97


4. Music videos

Music, dance, and choreography videos make up a large chunk of the popular content on YouTube.

Lindsey Sterling’s channel features violin covers, musical collaborations, and more.

Lindsey Sterling’s Subscriber Rank: 321 


5. Product reviews and unboxing videos

With websites paying people to publish glowing reviews about their products, potential customers are looking for more reliable sources to get opinions about products/services.

YouTube personalities have loyal followers and there is a relationship based on trust between the viewer and creator.

This is why product review videos are so popular.

Marques Brownlee’s tech-product reviews are some of the most popular on the platform.

Unboxing videos are just as popular.

This type of content plays a major role in influencing the audience’s purchase decisions.

Marques Brownlee’s Subscriber Rank: 541



6. Make-up and beauty

The beauty community is big on the internet. Beauty gurus post tutorials, reviews, and more. Simply Nailogical has a popular nail art and entertainment channel with humorous video content.

Simply Nailogical’s Subscriber Rank: 803


7. Journalism and news

With mainstream media’s tainted reputation of being an unreliable source of news, people are turning elsewhere to stay updated on current events. Philip DeFranco’s channel is an example of an unconventional journalism and news source on YouTube.

Subscriber Rank: 962


8. Educational videos

Videos have become one of the most popular mediums for learning. Channels like Veritasium, Geography Now, and Biographics produce well-researched educational videos that give viewers the value they crave.

The lesson here is that if you offer valuable information to your audience, they will keep coming back.

Veritasium’s Subscriber Rank: 1005




9. Vlogs

Vlogs (Video blogs) attract throngs of viewers. Though the concept of a vlog keeps evolving, it is typically a video, filmed in an intimate setting, with one person facing the camera and speaking in a casual, conversational tone.

Vlogs make the audience feel like they know the person behind the screen.

Various YouTubers have also created separate vlogging channels. Daily Jazza and Vlogbrothers post content similar to this style.

Vlogbrother’s Subscriber Rank: 2885



10. Commentary

This video format includes the creator expressing their opinions and providing commentary regarding any particular subject or theme. The Nerdwriter and Jeremy Jahns post videos that fall under this umbrella.

The Nerdwriter’s Subscriber Rank: 3,990

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11. Cooking

Cooking shows and food channels with certain themes and twists are a hit on the internet.

SORTEDfood is a community-centric channel where a group of friends explore cuisines, make dishes, and have a fun time.

Meanwhile, Binging with Babish cooks up your favorite food from film and TV.

SORTEDfood Subscriber Rank: 4837



12. ASMR

ASMR video content, such as Gibi ASMR, has carved a bizarre niche category for itself. The ‘oddly satisfying’ nature of these types of videos has attracted massive audiences.

Gibi ASMR’s Subscriber Rank: 5,167


13. Lifestyle

Many YouTube personalities have also gained popularity with quality lifestyle content. Kristen Leo focuses on sustainable living, ethical fashion, and veganism.



Another example is Jennelle Eliana who recently rose to fame and gained unprecedented success. She’s been deemed a YouTube anomaly, amassing millions of followers in a span of a few weeks with only 4 video uploads.

The charismatic, young 20-year-old woman lives in a van with her pet snake, Alfredo, and talks about her unconventional lifestyle.

Many believe that her personality, unique theme, and lifestyle have helped her rank high on the YouTube algorithm.

Jennelle’s Subscriber Rank: 7,714


14. Travel

Travel enthusiasts and globe trotters alike are deeply interested in finding out new and exciting places to explore. Lost LeBlanc is a popular channel in this category.

Lost LeBlanc’s Subscriber Rank: 11,314



15. How-To Videos

When people need a quick or thorough guide on how to do something, they turn to video tutorials.

How-tos or instructional videos on YouTube remain very popular. Fix This Build That is a channel that shows viewers how to build cool things that involve woodworking and other DIY projects.

If you want to make explainer videos that convert, check out our previous post here.

Fix This Build That’s Subscriber Rank: 25,239


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Which of these video types is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Explore, learn, and stay curious. Because who knows, you might end up creating a whole new genre of videos that’ll blow up next.

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*All subscriber stats retrieved from SOCIALBLADE were accurate at the time of publishing this article.

Posted by Maria Saif

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