Top 5 Crowdfunding Videos and What They Can Teach You

It seems that since its inception, crowdfunding has made a lot of dreams come true. App designers, product creators, filmmakers, and board game makers have all been able to utilize the boons of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding enables businesses to circumvent the horrors of traditionally acquiring funds and empowers them.

But a campaign alone on Kickstarter or Indiegogo doesn’t guarantee success, however, having a stellar video as a part of your campaign sure does surge those odds. Many startups have realized that a video can singlehandedly make or break their pitch.

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So, today we have compiled a list of successful crowdfunding videos, each of which can teach you a little something about enticing the viewer to invest money in your project. While there is no exact formula of what makes these videos stand out, there are definitely some pointers each video can give us.

So, here are our top picks for the best crowdfunding videos:

1.    Artiphon

The direction of this video is very clever. Right off the bat, they delve into the product but their approach is commendable. Instead of the conventional way of talking about the product, they let users review it and give their feedback on it.

Additionally, the video includes a variety of people. From expert music players to rookies, a viewer gets feedback from different perspectives, which is why the video appeals to all kinds of people.

The owner of this product waits well enough before introducing himself and diving deeper into the product’s specifications.

Lastly, since the product is about music, viewers can listen to it at the end of the video and imagine what kind of music they would be able to produce with it.

2.    Peak Design

The video kicks off with a woman driving a car to the top of a hill. She gets out of the car and can be seen flaunting Peak Design’s Everyday Tote Bag. A voice-over quickly narrates what it took for the tote bag to come to fruition.

“We’re Peak Design. Last year our fifth Kickstarter with Trey Ratcliff brought the Everyday Messenger to life and people loved it”.  These first few sentences that the narrator utters at the very start, even though are succinct, encapsulate key points – social approval, product’s journey, and company’s hard work – very intelligently.

It is imperative to make a statement at the start of the video to keep the viewer interested and this video does it immaculately.

Two minutes into the video, the product gets introduced. This may not be the best strategy for most, but for Peak Design it works amazingly.

3.    Who Gives a Crap

If there was an award for the most fun crowdfunding video to watch, this one would definitely take the prize without a shadow of a doubt. We believe, harnessing humor as a way to entice viewers to keep on watching is a genius tactic.

Even though the video cashes in on humor, a few minutes into it, you realize that it provides real value for the viewer.

Once they have grabbed the attention of their prospective funders, the guy on the screen gets to the point. He goes on to claim that 50% of the earnings made by this product would be contributed towards sanitation projects in the developing states around the globe. This point makes a strong impact pertaining to corporate social responsibility.

This video is a testament to the fact that having the right balance between humor and a social cause can help you strike the resonant chord of “this is what I need”.

4.    AndromiumSuperBook

The narrator in this video wisely states a problem that is out there faced by smartphone users and how his product will go about solving it.

“The SuperBook has over 8 hours of battery life and even charges your phone. It works with all modern Android devices…”, “Starting at $99, the SuperBook is a fraction of the cost of a traditional laptop, and is even more convenient.”

They have included all the important features of the SuperBook in the video which have the potential to become its selling point.

Finally, the founder delivers his thoughts with conviction, which is why he comes across as credible and trustworthy.

5.    Sensibo

Here’s another crowdfunding campaign that leverages humor to get its message across. Sensibo hired Frank Underwood to do the job, and even if you’re not starstruck, the way he delivers his lines will for sure keep you hooked to his every word.

Underwood goes on to talk about everything that needs to be covered in order to educate the potential funder. It talks about how using Sensibo also helps the planet, cashing in on the corporate social responsibility factor.

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The Takeaway

By now, it should be evident that there is no clear formula that makes or breaks a campaign. The way you go about it should depend on your product, resources, and strengths.  One thing’s for sure though, a little bit of creativity doesn’t hurt.

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