Top five reasons why your business needs an explainer video

If you are still wondering why your website needs an explainer video then here’s why:

The average attention span of consumers in today’s increasingly digital world is only 90 seconds. Now how would you use those 90 seconds to make sure that a visiting consumer on your website gets all the information they needs. The answer is a well-crafted explainer video.

So what exactly is an explainer video? The most basic definition will describe an explainer video as a 90 to 120 seconds video what explains your business and its core benefits to audiences. Having one on your business website can do amazing wonders for you. Here are top five reasons why your business should have one.

It gets your high conversions

Did you know that consumers are more impressed by your product or service if they see an explainer video. Internet Retailer reports that 85% of consumers are more likely to buy from you if you have an explainer video. Now we know that you know that you are getting great number of hits. But what you need are conversions. With an explainer video you can ensure that they get to know all about you including payment options and encourage them to make a decision.

Making Google Happy

Google is really important for your business. There is no doubt about that.  Google is now placing websites with a video on their home pages on its first page. And you know that consumers are more reactive to a video thumbnail. Adding a creative explainer video with cute characters can not only bring visitors but also get your website higher on Google Search Engine results page.

You get the pitch perfect every time.

When you hire a good explainer video company for your business, you have to create a killer script with them. This script will become the perfect pitch that you need to sell your business and its products to your customers. And get this: every time your explainer video gets watched, that killer script of yours will get you more conversions. So with a great explainer video you get to repeat your perfect pitch every time.

Share it all you want

An explainer video like any other content can be shared as many times as you want. An explainer video can be posted on social media pages whereas can headline your offline events like presentation to venture capitalists or at business expo. You can share it all you want and wherever you want to according to your needs.

Look Dapper

Internet has become a nasty place. Consumers are wary of trusting companies online. However having a professional and creative explainer video can help you earn trust. Anyone can now start a website easily. But a good explainer video showcases your commitment to your business and the hard work you have put in.

So there you have it. If you are interested and want an awesome explainer video then get in touch with us today.

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