Top 12 Royalty-Free Stock Video Sites to Check Out in 2020

Stock videos are good quality, royalty-free short clips that can be used in different film-making, business, or personal projects.

At times, you are faced with problems in video production, and you may not be able to capture shots in remote or far off places. Well placed fragments of free stock videos can really bring your video projects to life.

We have put together a list of top websites that supply a variety of good quality free stock videos.

So, if you are looking to add city landscape or wildlife clips, you can log on to these websites to get your hands on stock video snippets for your next presentation, in-house meeting or client video project.




Pexels is considered to be one of the top stock video databases. Pexels video is of HD quality, free to use, and free to edit. In fact, they don’t even require any attribution to the contributor.

The only drawback is that they don’t provide 4k quality videos as of yet.

Pexels should be your go-to stock videos stop as along with videos, they offer a premium quality selection of stock photos on their website.

So, you are in luck if your project also requires adding some photographs which you cannot usually capture.





Pixabay also releases footages under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License, which means all of the videos are free to use, edit, and do not require attribution.

Pixabay has over 1.2 million HD videos and images in its database.

There is also a limited collection of 4K videos, motion graphics, and loopy clips. Generally, the Pixabay video is under a minute long.





Shutterstock is one of the most used platforms for stock videos. Most businesses use Shutterstock to purchase high-quality 4K and HD licensed videos.

Clips can be searched through various attributes such as frame rates, resolution, and length.

The video library gets fresh content every week. There are several categories that make your overall website experience smooth and quick.





Dareful is largely focused on providing quality rather than quantity. There is an amazing collection of high-quality 4K clips of landscapes and looping backdrops.

In order to download a clip, you will need to sign up for a temporary account or through Facebook. Dareful offers a detailed description of the video.

Since it takes a long time to download one video, a detailed description will give you the right idea.

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Videezy is another platform for 4K quality footages which include aerial drone shots and abstract clips rendered using adobe after effects. You can easily find videos through multiple categories.

Videezy requires users to give credit to them when using their video in the projects, but they are still free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

In the search results, videos with a green pro tag require credit cards and are paid options.

The first two rows are also Shutterstock sponsored clips which also asks for a paid membership to download.





Clipstill is devoted to cinemagraphs only, which means still photos that contain animation playing on loop.

Cinemagraphs easily grab the viewer’s attention as they trigger the hypnotic effects.

Clipstill offers limited free cinemagraphs that change every month.

Other than that, users will need to pay a one-off $49 fee for lifetime access to their premium quality clips, which isn’t much for their striking and exceptional content.




Videvo is a one-stop-shop for free stock videos, motion graphics, music, and sounds. There are thousands of choices to choose from their library with variable quality.

The top row in the search results is sponsored premium content from advertisers such as Shutterstock.

It has a hassle-free licensing, but videos fall under three types of licenses.

  • Standard License lets you use the clips in personal use without any credit.
  • Attribution License also lets you use the clips for personal use but requires you to credit clip’s creator
  • Creative Commons 3.0 Unported lets you share and adapt the clip, but you have to attribute the creator and indicate any changes made in the original clip

There is also a limited collection of 4K footage. To know more about Videvo’s premium plans, check this out.





Splitshire was a brainchild of designer Daniel Nanescu. His aim was to offer free videos and photos for everyone who needed them for commercial or personal use.

All of the content you can find on Splitshire is the work of Daniel Nanescu which makes it quite unique and compelling.

Most of the videos and photos are aerial drone shots of outdoor life and scenery. Splitshire highly discourages the use of its content in inappropriate ways such as violence, racism, and discrimination.





Pond5 is a very reputable royalty-free stock video agency that provides top-notch quality stock video content for users.

They are host to a large library of exclusive clips, photos, music, sounds effects, and 3D models. There are countless quality and general categories to search from.

They also have a selection of editorial-use-only stock video content. Their price range varies from the sort and quality of the videos. They have over 8 million footage files in their database.





Videohive, part of Envato, is a low-cost stock footage site. They have around 1,580,515 video clips with different qualities ranging from 720p to 4K.

Their prices also vary from $4 to $200 depending upon the resolution, length, commercial value, and production value.

Videohive uses royalty-free licenses, but with a catch: the default option covers use in one single project, and for multiple uses, you have to pay a certain price.

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Dissolve sets itself apart from many of the stock footage websites with its ‘theme’ search-ability.

Users can easily get their hands around different video clips by selecting from different themes like ‘in the distance’, ‘it’s all in the details’ or ‘symmetry’.

Dissolve’s clips are priced by the quality. From as low as $29, the price goes up to $549 if you are looking for 4k footages.




Artgrid is another stock video footage platform that provides an opportunity to search according to themes, shot type and people.

Users can also look for the clips of filmmakers or artists. Artgrid offers video clips up to 8K video quality. Their pricing ranges between $25 to $50 per month depending upon HD to raw/log clips.




*Information accurate at the time of publishing


Final thoughts

While all of these free stock videos picks are of immense quality, and easy to browse through, but in order to put together a great video for your next presentation or client pitch, consider hiring a video production agency whose expertise will not only spare you a lot of time but help you land the most coveted project.

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