Top 10 SaaS Videos You Need to Watch

SaaS organizations start out as little fishes in a big pond. A promo or explainer video helps them rise up in the industry and connect with key stakeholders.

Many successful businesses have been taking advantages of SaaS videos for introducing what they are all about to acquire new consumers.

Some organizations have used such videos to either unveil or explain new services to engage and educate prospects.

In this post, we have identified the top SaaS videos that have succeeded in captivating audiences.


The Launch – Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is now known as Adobe Experience Cloud, is an online marketing and web analytics solution by Adobe.

The SaaS video shows a company preparing for a spaceship launch. The mission director keeps getting interrupted by sponsors for the last-minute changes on the logo until they run out of budget.

The Launch showcases what Adobe’s new service is all about in a hilarious and creative way. The script is funny and it has high production value.

It resonates with most of the companies that deal with difficult clients and their unreasonable expectations.



TripCase Travel App – TripCase

TripCase is a travel management app which organizes and streamlines travel plans and bookings in a single itinerary.

The SaaS video follows a frequent traveler who faces hassles while managing travel related tasks. She, proceeds to introduce TripCase and how the app has been helping her with travel management.

TripCase’s video blends in visual storytelling which becomes easier for audience to grasp the idea.

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Finance Management with Mint – Intuit Mint

Intuit Mint is a financial management website and mobile app which tracks budget, transactions and expenses with seamless functionality.

The animated SaaS video exhibits how users can take advantage of Intuit Mint’s website and app to manage their financial matters in one place.

Financial Management with Mint is a fresh take on something seemingly mundane. The animation is smooth and fluid. The upbeat narration and music do not hinder a viewer’s ability to absorb all of the visual information.



Notarize! – Notarize

Notarize is a mobile application that connects users with notaries who are available 24/7 via video call to notarize their documents from the comfort of their homes.

The SaaS video shows a person standing and waiting in a queue in an old office. He proceeds to tell the viewers about the Notarize app through which they can get documents legally notarized.

Notarize! fuses dead-pan humor and sketch-like comedy to gain viewers’ attention. The actor adds funny punch lines to deliver all of the information about the app, including the origins.



What is Dropbox – Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud file-hosting service that lets users upload their important official and personal files of any size from any device.

The SaaS video shows different animated visuals which Dropbox makes storage and collaboration easy as pie.

What is Dropbox is a visual treat. It creatively expresses normal day scenarios with minimalistic stroke-based animation and helps users understand how Dropbox can be beneficial for them in everyday life.


Watch the video on Vimeo.


What is Hootsuite – Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps users managing their social media accounts on the go. They can publish, engage, plan and schedule their posts on each of their social media platforms.

Just like Dropbox, this SaaS video also incorporated several animated visuals to demonstrate how Hootsuite can help users manage their daily social media affairs.

What is Hootsuite combines vibrant illustrations and elegant transitions throughout the video the deliver all of the essential information in an engaging manner.

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StoryChief – StoryChief

StoryChief is a web tool that lets users create, manage, plan, and optimize content marketing on all channels from one place.

The video starts with a man facing trouble managing his daily content goals until he gets introduced to StoryChief which provides convenient solutions.

StoryChief has striking character animation and energetic color schemes which easily catch viewers’ eye. Everything makes it almost impossible to miss the relevant information regarding the service.



iParkit – MotionCue

iParkit is a software application that helps users locate nearby parking garages to park their cars instantly without facing the hassle of physically paying charges.

In the animated video, we see a person driving around the city. In order to park her car, she opens up iParkit on her phone, finds a nearby parking garage and without hindrance, finds a spot.

iParkit is one of the SaaS video projects our video production junkies finished recently. If you like what you see and want something similar for your business, hit us up!



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Communication Without Chaos – Slack

Slack is a communication tool through which users can create specific workspaces to instant message, share files, stay connected in different projects and make company-wide announcements.

In the video, a narrator welcomes viewers and communicates what Slack is all about. All of the important info is conveyed using animated abstract visuals.

Communication Without Chaos features Slack’s flagship colors throughout the video to deeply ingrain them into viewers’ minds.



Room and Board is a Trailblazer – Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software service. It is one of the pioneers working in the industry today.

The video is a testimonial that shows Room and Board’s top executives sharing their experience of success through using Salesforce.

Room and Board is a Trailblazer is a distinctive SaaS video as it encapsulates how Salesforce has helped a business in achieving its goals. The review does not feel forced, on the contrary, it appears authentic and heartfelt.



IT-MAN solves your everyday IT-problems! – Panorama9

Panorama9 is a cloud-based service that helps customers with IT management tasks, such as monitor-based dashboards.

The video shows an 8-bit gaming character, IT-Man, who pledges to resolve daily IT problems without facing any hurdles.

IT-MAN solves your everyday IT-problems! takes an interesting approach.

This just goes to show that SaaS videos do not necessarily need to be done in a traditional way.



Final thoughts

A SaaS video, whether it’s a promo, an explainer, or a testimonial, is always a good idea to launch your service.

However, the content of your video is just as important as its quality and execution. Great messaging will help you gain an upper hand on your competitors and convert leads.

If you are thinking about making a SaaS video for your business, give our video strategists a call. We’d love to help you achieve your business goals.


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