Top 10 Explainer Videos That You Should Envy

Explainer videos are great. They get the message across in a fun, colorful, and engaging way and ensure that your audience knows what your product or service is all about.

Explainer videos have been used by businesses for many years. However, with rise of digital media marketing, videos have become a staple of content marketing.

And why shouldn’t they? According to an article by HubSpot,  58 percent of all B2B buyers watched videos during their buying decisions. 

With the power of visual storytelling, businesses can address buyers and speak to them about the many benefits they offer.

Over the years some really awesome explainer videos have come up. Here is our pick of the top ten explainer videos that we believe kick ass.


No. 10 Groupon animated explainer video

We love the fact that this amazing video showcased the message within 30 seconds.  With the attention span of audiences getting shorter, this video is the perfect example of the fact that you can share what you want in short videos.



No. 9 Airbnb explainer video

We love the message and smooth motion graphics in this video. Airbnb explains the philosophy behind its logo in a minimalist way with great copy and complementary visuals.



No. 8 Chipotle’s explainer video

Telling a story about uncomfortable stuff is really hard. But the people at Chipotle did it amazingly in their explainer video. It shares the horrific practices prevalent in the fast-food industry when it comes to animals.

The brand reinforced its commitment to working with farmers and not with the manufactured foods industry in this lovely explainer/promotional video. And the cherry on top is the fact that Willie Nelson sings his rendition of Coldplay’s famous song “The Scientist”, in the video.



No. 7 explainer video

Do you know why we love this one? It succinctly shares the message using a great narrative.  Watch it below and learn about in this great explainer video.



No. 6 Headspace

We can’t get over how adorable this video is. It reminds us of the characters from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.



No. 5 Solo explainer video

This video is something of a promotional and explainer.  However, it has been done masterfully explaining all that there is to about Solo within a minute.



No. 4 Pinterest

We love how the video starts low-key and then gets all funky. It talks about all the standout features the website offers and reflects the brand vibe perfectly.



No. 3 Upwork + Citrix

Upwork and Citrix combined forces to bring a secure solution to support remote work. When the company reached out to us for an explainer video, we were ecstatic, and then we came up with this.  If you’d like to check out more of our work, click here.



No. 2 Farmer Finder explainer video

Farmer Finder explainer video is amazing not because of its brilliant transitions but because it expertly shares the bad omens in the food industry and its mission for helping farmers without much negativity.



No. 1 explainer video

The number one on our list is’s explainer video. The dialogues and situations the characters face during the buying process. Additionally, the rich colors and infographic-style video keep you hooked till the very end. See it for yourself.



After going through these videos, you must have noticed that they all had certain elements common in them.

Firstly, most videos had a touch of humor or some sort of unexpected element to ensure people would remain hooked till the end. Secondly, many of the videos were minimal in terms of visuals but still interesting to look at. This is a key factor in explainer videos.

Additionally, add color and fun in your characters, script, and video background. All of these elements communicate your brand values, tone, and identity to the viewers.

And lastly, none of the videos we mentioned were more than 2 minutes long. It’s very important that your explainer video is short, to the point and sweet.

Now there is no need to feel envious of these wonderful explainer videos. You too can get one for your website, brand, or startup. Get in touch with us today.

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