Traits That Make an Explainer Video Awesome

There is no doubt that videos are now ruling social media platforms and search engines.

From big brands like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson to small startups and entrepreneurs, everyone is now using explainer and promotional videos on their digital media platforms.

And why shouldn’t they! It gets them greater organic reach, helps in engaging their customers, and gets their message across.

The main question that plagues everyone is what makes a great explainer video. Well, to help you out we have gathered here all the traits that make an explainer video grand.


The script

An explainer video is like telling your story. Like any good story, it needs to be clear and coherent. This is why the script is incredibly important.

You will have many thoughts that you want to incorporate into your explainer video. To ensure you don’t end up creating a confusing pattern in your explainer video, you should rely on creating a script. To ensure your script is perfect you should consider the following things

  • It should be around 150 words for a video that is only 1 minute. Keep it short and concise.
  • Take out the tough words. A good jargon may illustrate your vocabulary prowess but remember that videos are candid. And in candid conversations, people don’t use complicated and complex words in their sentences.
  • Choose a language that is most suited to your audience. Remember your target audience and choose their language to make your video relatable.


Showcase the benefits

It’s an explainer video that is targeted to your customers.  So don’t go on a promotional tone where you are shouting your features to them. In fact, share how your product or service is beneficial to them.

Whether it’s a brand, a new app, or a startup explainer video, it is important that you don’t fall into the trap of showcasing your features.

Technical stuff makes your video boring and standard. To stand out from others, you need to create a video that shows benefits. Talk about how your offering can save your customers a lot of time and money. Avoid mentioning things like how long-lasting the battery is.

Here’s an example of an explainer video that relies on visuals to convey the information

Explainer from MotionCue on YouTube 


Shorter videos have a bigger impact

One thing that we always recommend to our clients is to make the video short.

A great explainer video doesn’t need to be more than 90 seconds to convey its message. In fact, an average customer is reported to have an attention span of 90 seconds. For ideal storytelling where a customer remains engaged in your video you will have to make it short and to the point.


A clear call to action (CTA)

Believe it or not, most explainer videos have an amazing script, a professional voice-over, and eye-catching visuals, but they fall short when it comes to a good call to action.

A video that ends without a compelling CTA is a waste. The last segment of your video should include a strong call to action to bring about the desired action from your customers.

The art of storytelling is centuries old. In the era of digital marketing, where customers are now exposed to all kinds of content, video can help startups, big brands, and businesses share their stories with their customers easily.

If your brand is in need of a great explainer video, you should get in touch with us today.

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