Traits of Winning Burke Award videos

It’s time to submit an amazing video for the 2019 Burke Awards. While there are many factors that determine the outcome of your submission, here are a few things we have learned from our experience producing 19 winning Burke award videos.

Category is Key!

Pick the right category. This, perhaps, is the most crucial factor that you should consider when preparing your submission. You may ask, why is this the first item on our list?

Well, the rationale for selecting the category as the first step is to enable you to shape your story around the category selected for your submission. Your story should thoroughly explain why your submission fulfills this category requirement.

In this way, every subsequent decision you make regarding your video should focus around the category chosen. We’ve experienced that quite a few teams tend to leave this right till the very end of the production process. We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to decide your category before you start the production process.

A Well-told Story is Captivating!

Don’t just state facts, but tell a story. Everyone loves a good story. Stories capture our attention, draw us in, and stay with us long after we’re done watching.

It’s important to note that storytelling by no means refers to only conforming your script to the Burke award video structure guidelines of “Background, the work and results”.

A good story connects the dots between why your efforts or innovation were needed to create a positive impact on your consumers, communities and internal stakeholders, in addition to highlighting the numbers & business growth.

Keep it Short and Sweet.

Don’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information. The biggest mistake teams make is trying to squash too much information in their video submission.

It is reasonable to say that if you’re submitting for an award, you have overcome difficult situations and achieved amazing results and therefore it can be difficult to leave out information you feel could help you win.

However, you must realize that you only have 2 minutes, or approximately 300 words, to share your story. No one likes legal disclaimers. But, trying to squeeze too much content into two minutes will make it impossible to tell the story at a natural pace.

This will take away from winning point number two, telling a great story!  It is important that you focus on the aspects which were crucial to your success and leave out the nitty gritty details. In other words, keep it concise.

Sounds like an uphill battle? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Over the past six years, we have helped teams across the full spectrum of J&J sectors, Consumer, Medical & Pharma, to win big at the annual Burke Awards ceremony. Interested in checking out our winners? Visit:
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