Should we be on Tumblr? Best case examples for you to decide:

Tumblr is known commonly as a place where younger audiences create microblogs on which they share the stuff the care about. But for social media marketers, a platform where more than 300 million unique visitors come every month, it’s an opportunity waiting to be exploited.

Founded back in 2007, Tumblr has become a mixture of social networking platform and a microblogging site. It offers an incredibly refreshing interface to post and share content that can include images, videos, audios and small pieces of written content.

The site has now more than 200 million blogs on it. Being one of the most commonly used social media platform, it is still not one of the major platforms that are used by brands to communicate with their core audiences.

Deciding to use a new platform can be tough for any social media manager. However, when it comes to Tumblr, I have really good stuff to talk about. Let’s dig in.

Is your audience 25 or under?

When it comes to Tumblr, more than 50 percent of the users are either 25 years or younger. So if your product or service is aimed at a younger audience, Tumblr shouldn’t be ignored.


But this isn’t the only reason why you should go for Tumblr.

Tumblr offers incredible benefits like search engine visibility, it is mobile friendly and it accentuates the visual content that is placed on it. This gives your business ample room to experiment with the platform.

Let’s get down to business now. Let’s talk about how brands have leveraged Tumblr to get visibility, engagement and spotlight for their products and services.

Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein’s Tumblr page is designed in a way that you simply can’t take your eyes off from it.  It’s simple yet elegant and celebrates the brand.

Images used on the blog remind audiences about the iconic ads Calvin Klein is famously known for. Also, the blog serves as a window to what happens behind the scenes of the beautiful world of Calvin Klein.



If any brand has been notorious with its social media, it’s Apple. The brand has seen itself using unique ways to exploit social media which was apparent when it used the microblogging website for iPhone 5C launch back in March 2014.

Tumblr again has been used by the tech giant for iTunes. The Tumblr blog is quite similar to its original iTunes website and is promoting its latest content. Using a mix of GIFs, quotes, and images, Apple has created the perfect space to share content about what users can choose from its store.



For a brand whose core audience happens to be the younger generation, Tumblr was the rational choice. MTV has been quite active on the platform. The music channel relies on GIFs, images and snapshots of celebrities’ twitter account to engage its audience. However, it also utilizes its following to remind them about their favorite shows and their timings. It’s really a match made in heaven for MTV and Tumblr.


Delta Airlines

Brands mostly opt for Tumblr when they want to target younger demographic. Delta Airlines on the other hand opted for Tumblr for customer service. Facebook and Twitter are mostly preferred to connect with customers and resolve their problems.

As you can see for yourself, there is a contact icon at the top where their target audience can ask for help like their flight status or timings of their flights.


Tumblr isn’t like other platforms and is not for all brands. However it has shown its value to many as well. It has a strong and active community of people that are looking for content to share with others. As long as your brand can create an effective content strategy using rich visuals, you too can leverage its strong 500 million + community for marketing and awareness.

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