Understanding the Art of Persuasive Marketing

The term “persuasive marketing” will be new to many business owners but most of them are already using many of the techniques that come under its umbrella.

Persuasive marketing is the process where you invest in reaching out to your target audience so that they can easily relate to the message and act on the call to action.

So when we talk about digital marketing, persuasive marketing techniques are quite important. They are applied to digital copywriting, designing of websites and landing pages, and other elements to reinforce the message of your brand. It depends on the target audience when it comes to the limit of techniques you want to use as a marketer.


What’s the value?

In digital space, you just can’t sell stuff. You have to relate your product or service with the pain points of your target customer. They need a solution to their problems. So when creating a message, you need to highlight this.

The value proposition in your message can make or break your marketing. Making it worthwhile for customers to listen to you can help you convert many easily. Even if you are offering something as a free giveaway it should be promoted with valuable information.


Make it Exclusive

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to make your product or service look scarce or exclusive. This creates a natural, impulsive reaction in consumers to take action. It’s human instinct to become part of something that’s exclusive or open to few. Marketers have used this for years. Using it in digital space can also do wonders for you.


The social proof

Your target customers will want to audit your creditability. Potential ones will also look towards their peers for approval before using your product or service. It takes some time to create a credible word of mouth, however using your online presence you can do it in months. Ask your existing customers to leave reviews and also share your work to showcase your history of good work.


Focus on effective copy

The message itself should be crafted with meticulous care and thinking. Think about the target audience and their reading preferences. Also make sure that your copy is conversational, simple, and to the point. Your marketing copy can help your brand become more welcoming, warmer, and convincing to your customers.


What’s up with your competition?

Adding all the right stuff is fine but understanding what your competition is doing on their digital presence also matters a lot. Make sure you audit your competition’s website from time to time to keep yourself updated on the latest trends.

Likeability is now one of the most powerful assets for businesses. To help inspire motivation to purchase or use your business product in customers is what persuasion marketing does. Having the power to convince more customers to come on board while helping to retain existing ones is the most powerful tool any business can have.


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