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Communicate your value, reach decision-makers, and establish trust in under 2 minutes.

Simplify complex innovative equipment with engaging medical device animation

Convincing key decision-makers in the healthcare industry to pick you as a trusted supplier for medical equipment is no easy feat, but videos and the power of visual storytelling can help you succeed. A well-crafted medical device video can help explain innovative technology and product design in an engaging way.

With an animated video, you can highlight your product’s essential features that separate you from your competitors and cut through the noise. Work with us to craft strategy-backed videos that suit your goals and we’ll help you perfect your messaging.

MotionCue has extensive experience working with medical device companies and has helped explain life-changing innovations. Check out some of our work below.

client review


"The beautiful thing with MotionCue is they honestly, 100%, did exactly what I imagined. MotionCue has been extremely receptive, which I think is a very rare quality these days, but it's something to be cherished."

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Silex Technology

"It was a very complex project that we were able to execute in a very short period of time and we wouldn't have been able to do that without the expertise and project management support provided by MotionCue."

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Popl Teams

"Two words sum up my experience working with MotionCue: professional and fast. Our new video lives at the top of our website, and the biggest value we've gotten out of it is increased conversions and an optimized funnel."

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Medical device video showcase


Clinicians rely on negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to treat wounds, but the systems that administer this therapy leave much to be desired. Medela offers a dynamic NPWT system that accelerates the healing process.

This is essentially what our client wanted us to convey via a 2D animated medical explainer video. Our team used a windshield wiper analogy to explain how the medical device improves NPWT’s effectiveness.

Check out some of our work

Learn from the world’s best organizations

At MotionCue, we’ve produced videos for industry leaders in a variety of fields so we can confidently tell you what works. You’ll avoid costly errors and get expert guidance on style, voice, strategy, and distribution based on your individual goals.

Why choose medical device video production?

As a medical device supplier, you face several challenges. Some of these include establishing trust with your prospects, reaching the right people, communicating value concisely, simplifying your message, and conveying essential points in a short and engaging way.

Of course, nailing the message becomes even more urgent when your target audience is made up of some of the most incredulous and busy people out there.

With medical device video production, you can create an impactful message that can cut through the noise and get the right people’s attention. If you’re not sure whether a medical device video can help you with your goals to attract, engage, and convert, here are a few promising insights from our survey:

  • 60% of marketers said that video helped them increase brand engagement.
  • 57% of marketers were able to boost conversion with video marketing.
  • 76% of respondents said that product/service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.

The proof’s right there. Humans are visual creatures and if you convey your message effectively via video, it is sure to leave an impression. If you’d like to explore video marketing options for your medical device company, we’d be happy to help.

Our team of experts has been making videos for world-class clients for over a decade. With our insights into what audiences like to see and your expertise in the healthcare industry, we’ll create a video that ticks all the boxes.


Our medical device video production process


This stage helps us understand your medical device company, stakeholders, and goals. It lays a solid foundation for your medical device video production to begin.

Scripting & voice-over

Next up is scriptwriting for your medical device video. When you’re happy with the draft, we’ll move on to finding the perfect voice-over artist for the narration and/or dialogue.


With the storyboard, you’ll get an idea of what your video will look like. You’ll get a sense of the illustration style, colors, characters, background, and so on.


Once you’ve approved the storyboard, we’ll move on to the last stage of the medical device video production process and start animating. At this point, everything comes together.


Do you have questions about medical device video production?
Take a look at the queries. If you can’t find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us using our contact form below.

Is medical device video production right for my business?
During our initial discussion, we’ll assess your business and marketing goals to determine if a medical device video is right for your business needs.
How much does a typical medical device video cost?
The price for a medical device video can vary. It’s typically based on complexity, type, and video length. We also cater to different budgets and needs.
How long does it take to make a medical device video?
It can take 4-8 weeks to make a medical device video. The timeline depends on the complexity of the project.
How do feedback and revisions work?
We offer unlimited revisions for your medical device video as long as the scope of work remains unchanged.

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