Video and Account-Based Marketing – A Winning Combination to Drive Sales

Just like parents have their favorite child and teachers have their favorite students, as a business that serves other businesses, you’re bound to have some preferred accounts.

“insert scandalous gasps here”

Bold as this proclamation may be, the fact is that it’s totally natural and nothing to feel guilty about. Sometimes people and businesses just click with each other better than others due to certain innate qualities within both parties.

If you’re a B2B organization or a marketing agency, you might feel like some accounts are a better fit as your customers because they either drive more sales, subscribe to more of your services, have been loyal customers over the years, or belong to the same industry as you do.

To be a successful business, rather than putting equal efforts in dealing with all your clients you need to put proportionate efforts towards those that bring you a better return on investment.

That’s where account-based marketing (ABM) comes in. Before we jump into how videos come in to play in all this, let’s first delve into what constitutes ABM.


What Is Account-Based Marketing?

To put it simply, ABM is the strategic process of filtering, identifying, and engaging your highly valued clients and giving them focused attention on both sales and marketing level.

1. ABM Strategy

An ABM strategy lets you attract, engage, and convert your prospective clients into valuable accounts.

As for the businesses you’re already working with, ABM is a great nurturing tool. It can also help you in cross-selling and getting them on board with more of your services.

However, depending on your strategy, ABM is often outbound in nature. This is because your preferred clients may not be actively searching for your niche product. Contrastingly, they may already be in the market and ready to make a decision and you may not have the time to nurture them through the inbound cycle.

Struggling to get your ABM strategy off the ground? Here’s a 5-step guide on how to get started.

2. Personalization

Unlike the usual customer lifecycle where personalized marketing comes in later stages, an ABM cycle is centered on personalization. It requires highly targeted communication with important stakeholders and executives who can influence the organization as a whole to buy your products or services.

3. Smarketing

Account-based marketing requires your sales and marketing department to tag team, lock and hit the target collectively.

By filtering and identifying the businesses that are on your priority list, the ABM strategy skips the prospect stage. Each business you target is treated as a lead. Sometimes the sales team needs to dive in headfirst and get in touch with the relevant contacts in each organization using personalized communication.

The marketing team needs to back these efforts by providing a steady influx of tailored content. This content cuts to the chase and is designed to quickly engage and convert.

And what says personalization and engagement better than video? Using video for account-based marketing is still a nascent phenomenon but one that has lots of potential.

Let’s see why videos are the best medium to catalyze your ABM efforts and how you can benefit from them:

1. Flexible

Video is the one content format that can fit into any stage of your marketing strategy and be just as effective.

So, whether you’re starting from awareness or jumping straight into the conversion stage, video is there to make you land on your feet.

As ABM videos, you can send in short sale offerings, product demos, or invite leads to test drive your new product or service.

According to HubSpot, conducting product or service-based webinars is also a great way to convert leads into sales. Involving your sales team in such webinars can help them identify engaged attendees, answer their product related questions efficiently, and prepare for post-webinar follow-up communication.

In this way, video can also align your smarketing goals.

2. Creative

Depending on the nature of the businesses you’re targeting, you can create animated videos, live-action, or motion graphics. Using the right creative medium is necessary to deliver an effective message.

For example, if your target account is a recording studio, you might consider a fun animated motion graphic. On the other hand, if your client is a tech company that provides fleet management services, you might consider short live-action videos featuring your product experts answering the clients’ FAQs.

Such thematic personalization would go the extra mile to engage and convert leads.

3. Memorable

Account-based marketing suggests that you treat businesses as individuals, and rightly so. Even if you’re creating content for B2B communication, at the end of the day you’re dealing with humans.

Whether it is prospects from within a buyer’s committee or executives who can influence them, everyone is in the need of quick and easy-to-process information.

Videos naturally one up whitepapers and e-books as they’re more visual and retainable. It’s no secret that audio-visual information is more stimulating and stickier than written information. Use that to your benefit in your ABM marketing.

4. Campaign-able

Video content that is structured in campaign form increases intrigue and authority. It breaks down overwhelming information into easily digestible bits.

Creating personalized mini-campaigns that provide solutions to your leads’ pain-points or answer their frequently asked questions is an effective way to get them interested in your product or services.

For the clients that are already in the market for your niche products, sending short product descriptions and demos in campaign form can nudge them to seal the deal.

Moreover, for nurturing existing accounts, videos can be used for cross-selling, introducing new product features, and delighting them with exclusive offers.

5. Persuasive

Just because your sales team might have to take the front seat in ABM doesn’t mean your communication should adopt the run-of-the-mill cold-call style.

Because your clients are ultimately humans and humans like to feel special, your communication content needs to show that you put in the effort.

By using personalized videos, you can make sure that you’re sending in content that is tailormade for each point of contact within an organization. Executives from different departments within the same company deal with a different set of challenges.

Cater to their individual challenges in your videos and you can create a bigger persuasion pool to convince the buying committee.

6. Measurable

Account-based marketing is supercharged to help you reach your KPIs. That is why you need to keep track of all your marketing efforts and their return on investment.

Video is a highly trackable content type. By using video analytics services like Wistia, you can discover which executives within an organization are engaging most with your videos, and how many times they’re watching and resharing your content.

In-depth insights into audience behavior help you identify which contacts can give the most value to your business.

This helps you further customize your content and turn those leads into sales.

7. Repurpose-able

A mark of great content is that it can be reused and recycled. With a little tweaking, ABM videos can be used within other marketing strategies and vice versa.

You can always use the product demos, webinars, and FAQ videos created for your account-based efforts to enrich your usual inbound cycle.

In contrast, you can use testimonial videos and thought leadership video content to build credibility with your new leads or nurture the existing accounts.


4 Tools to Boost Your Account-Based Video Marketing


1. ABM via Email

Email is one of the most personalized forms of professional communication. According to DMA, segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. That’s exactly what AB marketers are trying to achieve!

Platforms like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor help marketers send increasingly customized and targeted emails to their audience.

Such platforms use merge tags and audience database to add personalized and dynamic content into each user’s inbox. This makes email marketing a go-to for account-based marketers.

Now imagine adding tailor-made videos to this already highly engaging communication. You would not only be delighting your favorite accounts, but it would become extremely hard to ignore your sales pitch. Campaign Monitor claims that adding videos to your email marketing can buff up CTR to up to 65%!

As email marketing becomes more and more sophisticated, sharing videos within emails has become possible.

Embedding ABM videos in your emails also makes them trackable. You can gauge CTRs, heatmaps, time spent on video among other analytics. That gives you important insights on which leads are engaging better with your content and helps you optimize future ABM efforts.

Here’s a guide on how you can integrate and track videos within your email marketing campaigns.

2. Videos on LinkedIn

According to RedRover, sixty-one million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. Hence there’s an incredible opportunity to score leads and nurture valuable prospects through ABM efforts.

Moreover, when people come online on LinkedIn, you know they mean business. They’re looking to grow and make connections, so your sales and marketing efforts won’t catch them off guard.

This makes LinkedIn the place to be for the business to business interactions.

So, if you’re looking to bag your favored accounts, make a list and look for decision-makers and senior-level influencers from those companies on LinkedIn.

Simply add them as connections and send them personalized video content through LinkedIn InMail. LinkedIn claims that InMails get a 10-25% response rate. Top this up with the engaging power of video and you’re bound to make an impression and drive sales.

Services like BombBomb help you record, embed, and send personal videos through LinkedIn InMail.

You can also leverage the Matched Audience feature by uploading a list of target accounts. This will help you identify key contacts within these companies which you can target in your customized video ad campaigns.

Here’s a video on how the world-famous Adobe used LinkedIn to boost its ABM


3. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic advertisements are a new and innovative trick up technologically-forward business’ sleeve.

These animated ads are programmed to pull customizable information out of user databases and use them to give each and every member of the audience a personalized experience. Think Facebook’s Friendiversary videos.

While the basic experience is the same, these videos allow account-based marketers to automatically change names, locations, department name, and other user stats.

This makes the audience feel like the videos and their content is created especially for them and prove to be more persuasive.

Platforms like Clinch and storyteq help marketers create unlimited versions of the same ads depending on the audience’s usage patterns. These ads are driven by predictive algorithms, backed by data, and are optimized in real-time.

Imagine the level of personalization that can be achieved by integrating such services into their account-based marketing strategy!

4. Video Mailers

Okay, let’s get a little whimsical now. Did you know that your ABM videos don’t always have to reach your potential clients digitally?

Even in this day and age, people love receiving things in the mail. Just like getting personalized letters and birthday cards makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, personalized videos delivered to your target contacts within an organization is bound to make them feel special.

This is done via video mailers, which some claim is the future of direct mail. A video mailer usually consists of a small LCD screen attached to a card. These have the capacity to store up to two hours of video and cost around $25-75 which depends on the size of the screen, amount of memory, and battery life.

By using video mailers you can take a hands-on approach to solve your target account’s problems, invite them to an event, or share a product description. This is a great way to ensure that you have your client’s undivided attention while you explain to them why you’re the perfect solution for them. Talk about breaking through the clutter!


Final Thoughts

As videos are far from being widely adopted in account-based marketing, 2020 should be your year to get ahead of the curve in this regard. By fast-tracking your sales cycle through ABM videos, you can spike revenues and get that competitive edge in the market.

Just be sure to stay on top of the latest technological innovations that can help you make better use of videos. It is also a good idea to invest in a video production service that can help you create professional ABM videos.

And this marks the end of your crash course on how to use video for account-based marketing.

Posted by Komal Munawar

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