6 Video Marketing Ideas for Non-profit Organizations

In the digital age, video has overtaken almost every other kind of communication medium in terms of popularity.

Here’s an example of where video stands:

To put it another way, telling your audience about your organization’s objectives through video is a smart move.

Since video is such an effective tool for communication, non-profits can use it for their benefit, too.

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Whether it’s for marketing an event or for gathering funds, videos can act as a megaphone to spread your message to the right people.

If you are not convinced about the power of video, here are some stats from our report.

  •         63% of consumers said that video keeps brands top of mind.
  •         65% of marketers said that video helped them build brand awareness.
  •         59% of marketers said that video marketing showed a positive ROI.

Now, let’s talk about the types of videos your non-profit organization can take advantage of as part of your overall marketing strategy to attract attention, boost credibility, and get more support from people.


1.    Brand video

Brand videos help define your mission. It is a brief video that helps an organization communicate its brand values to stakeholders.

Unlike most marketing videos—which often aim to promote and advertise products or services—a non-profit’s brand video aims to emphasize the why of your organization. It’s a great way to build a following and get people to support your cause.

A well-made brand video can be great for your website’s homepage. It is also shareable on social media and YouTube.

Here is a brand video from UNICEF:

2.    Our-work video

Generally, companies showcase their work in a portfolio. Similarly, non-profits can highlight all the work they’ve done for a particular cause or a community in an our-work video.

You can share this video on social media and on YouTube to keep your followers in the loop about what’s new with the organization and the impact your projects have made. It’s also a great way to interact with your online community.

As a result, more people may also discover your non-profit and what it’s all about. It will help you attract volunteers and funding as well.

Additionally, you can embed this video on your website so anyone who visits can get a quick rundown of the work you’ve been doing.

Here are a few examples of our-work videos you can watch to gain some inspiration from.


3.    Impact stories

Human-centered impact stories are poignant. They tend to be emotional and inspirational. If you can tell them in video format, it’ll leave an even bigger impression on the viewer.

Impact stories feature people whose lives have been transformed due to your non-profit. In the video, these people get to share their own experiences and a compelling narrative is built around that.

Impact stories might include information regarding the success of a particular program, a person’s transformation as a result of getting involved with your non-profit, and the advantages your programs have brought to the community.

These videos can be great content for YouTube and other social platforms.

Here are our top picks for this kind of video:

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4.    Public awareness videos

This type of content lets your non-profit draw attention to a problem in a local community. Government institutions can also use these types of videos to inform everyone about an important public safety message. Essentially, public awareness campaigns are crucial for informing and bringing about change.

Another use of awareness videos is to tell people who you are and what your organization stands for.

At this stage, you are not necessarily trying to persuade someone to donate. Instead, you’re attempting to convey your identity, your philosophy, and—most importantly—the reason why others should pay attention.

Public awareness videos can be utilized on social media and YouTube because that’s where most of your audience will get to see the videos.

Below you’ll find are some great examples of public awareness videos. The first one was produced by us.



5.    Educational videos

Inspiration is a strong emotion. It is what motivates us to accomplish goals and bring about change, whether it is in our own lives or those of others.

But without information and facts to support it, inspiration is pointless. And that’s why your organization needs educational videos.

These videos are meant to inspire and educate people about topics related to your industry and the programs your organization offers.

The goal of educational videos is to build a potential audience on social platforms and YouTube.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

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6.    Who we are

People are very well-informed in this day and age. They are constantly analyzing possibilities and trying to make calculated decisions.

Before you ask the audience for their support in any way or dedication to a cause, tell them who you are and what you stand for.

A who-we-are video is a type of marketing tool that works for non-profit organizations. It gives you the opportunity to share your non-profit’s mission, history, and core values. It’s ideal to convince your audience.

Your organization can share these videos on social media and YouTube for more engagement.

Check out these examples of this type of content:

This one was produced by our talented team.



That’s a wrap

Marketing for a non-profit organization can be challenging. To accomplish objectives, non-profits mainly rely on messaging and storytelling. The video marketing ideas we’ve listed work best to spread awareness, encourage membership, raise funds and promote social change. It’s a great way to stand out in a saturated digital space.

Visit our page for more details, and get in touch if you’d like to talk about video ideas for your organization.

Our video experts will be happy to help!

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Posted by Samra Tiwana

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