Video Marketing During COVID-19 – Insights from Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Before 2020 began, experts from a spectrum of fields came out with bold predictions about what the brand-new decade would bring…

Most of us didn’t see the coronavirus pandemic looming on the horizon.

As we all brace ourselves during these turbulent times, individuals and businesses are seen trying to steer themselves through a frightful storm.

At MotionCue, we were curious to see how companies have been using video to market themselves and communicate with their audiences during this COVID-19 nightmare.

Read on to find out what our respondents had to say.


Have you used video to market your business during the pandemic? If so, share your experience regarding how it’s helped you in your marketing efforts.


“To connect with the community and reassure our customers, we’ve been putting out video messages on Facebook. I think in times like these, we need to show a human side more than ever and come closer as a community.

“Mainly, we’ve used these messages to communicate answers to some questions we’ve been receiving consistently from our customers regarding internet use.

“We’ve also used video marketing to assure people that we are still up and running and taking requests for new connections and upgrades, just like before.

“Currently, we’re working on some new offers and bundles and we’ll be marketing that through video as well, as we’ve had a great response to our previous ones.” — Sean Nguyen, Internet Advisor


“As a digital marketing agency specializing in travel marketing, we’ve implemented video recently for a number of clients during COVID-19.

“While travel isn’t still open for many of our clients’ destinations, we’re using an educational approach so that they can learn more about the destinations and are eager to travel there once travel bans are lifted.

“Recently, we’ve created educational marketing campaigns and included one-minute videos of the destinations and featured them in emails and across social media channels.

“We saw an immediate increase in open rates and CTRs including the short one-minute video in email.” — Emma Marcotte, Traktek Partners


“I would say video marketing has been instrumental in keeping my customers engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With social distancing and the lack of face-to-face communication, video became the best way to personally reach customers.

“I’ve been trying to focus more on video content during this time and adapt my classes so that I can teach over the internet.

“In terms of advertising, I’ve found short; informative videos to be a much more effective marketing tool to reach customers during this time.

“This is true especially for millennials, who tend to prefer video content over any other type of media and they account for a large chunk of my customers.

“So, I would recommend using video marketing as a way to reach both millennials and Gen Zers, who dominate the internet these days.” — Ron Stefanski, OneHourProfessor


“As a business serving the home interiors niche (we manufacture and retail our own bespoke made-to-order window blinds and shades) we found a whole new target market as a result of the pandemic, specifically due to lockdown.

“As many more people were spending time at home with additional free time on their hands, interest in home improvements and redecorating spiked.

“Because our goods are bespoke made, this necessitates customers to take measurements on their own provide us with the correct dimensions to manufacture their chosen goods.

“Concern over making errors, not understanding common terminology used within the industry, and being uncertain if they’ve gotten things right prior to ordering is one of our customer’s biggest pain points.

“Video has helped combat these issues and has directly increased the number of orders we’ve been getting during the pandemic.

“We’ve created a series of short educational videos to assist buyers with their final purchasing decisions and have found this approach successful.” — Polly Kay, English Blinds


“As a digital marketer, video has been a huge part of my marketing efforts and initiatives even in the past. When the pandemic happened, it provided even more benefits.

“I have found live videos to be extremely helpful because it gives context to our personal lives and I encourage my clients to do the same.

“As for my company, I’ve done video marketing for several real estate agents doing video walkthroughs and showings for commercial businesses to help with the marketing offers.

“This trend is picking up because no one these days wants to interact in-person.” — Scot J Chrisman, THE MEDIA HOUSE


“We’ve been ramping up our video production significantly, taking this opportunity to hire freelance videographers who may be out of work and build out our YouTube channel.

“With more people home and stuck inside than ever before, YouTube views have skyrocketed.

“That, coupled with the fact that during COVID-19 people are adopting more dogs—and without traditional group training classes at their disposal—means that we are well-positioned to gain traction as we focus on expanding our dog training videos.

“Building out our channel turning this time should earn us more subscribers and engagement than we might have normally received in the past!” — Meg Marrs, K9 of Mine

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“Video has helped me a great deal in meeting with my clients virtually.  I have begun developing relationships with them by helping them with their needs.

“I also had the chance to showcase my products and service in a more personal manner.

“To engage my clients, I have been doing live demos of my products and services. Viewers can ask me questions directly and give me feedback when they have availed of the product and service that I offer.” — John Howard, Coupon Lawn

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“I am a Real Estate Advisor in Fort Lauderdale. Video helped a lot with showcasing my homes for sale and helping clients see homes they were interested in buying.

“I was able to use the Matterport videos, or virtual walk through videos, to assist in showing homes when we could not get into them due to COVID-19.

“On social media, people could see the home as if they were walking through it on their own and pose questions.

“The aerial videos also help prospective clients get a feel of where the homes are and what is nearby. Video has been immensely helpful in showcasing and marketing homes.” — Heather Gregory Realtor Flagler Duval Real Estate


“During the last few months, consumer behaviors have shifted significantly due to COVID-19. There has been a shift in activities across different social media channels and also across devices.

“The New York Times reported a substantial increase in traffic for desktop users for Facebook and YouTube in April.

“Conversely, mobile usage on YouTube dipped, probably due to the reduction in the number of people using their phones on the go due to social distancing.

“As an online freemium software, we have created how-to videos to help users to navigate our product.

“As people started working remotely and needed to find new technologies to manage their work digitally, our YouTube channel helped to walk users through our tool suite and streamline their work process as much as possible.

“Due to the cross-device and cross-platform shift, we have also changed the way to promote our videos—targeting users on YouTube, on their PCs—to accommodate those who need our service the most.

“I recommend businesses to examine their analytics and focus on channels emerging with traffic, as we all adjust to working under COVID-19 conditions.” — Hung Nguyen, Smallpdf


“Video marketing was already the preferred format for consumers, with 48% of consumers wanting videos related to the content they’re searching for. Covid-19 has hit the turbo charge on this desire.

“At Search It Local, we’ve embraced this demand for change by increasing our video output.

“Previously we focused on one pillar video, with high production value, filmed in our office. Now, we focus on a greater number of videos with reduced production.

“Like everyone else, we’re working from home. That means smartphones, webcams, Zoom videos—the message has become the most important thing, not the quality.

“As people have looked for help and support, we’ve moved away from the hard sell. Instead, we’ve focused on connecting with people at the top of the funnel; helping them see their problem rather than pushing a solution.

“This has led to a significant increase in video views on YouTube, as well as video engagement on Facebook. This has also coincided with a 380% ROI for our latest Facebook video ad campaign.

“What’s the takeaway here? Covid-19 has accelerated people’s desire for fast and clear information.

“Cut back on production and give your audience the advice, inspiration or education they need. The results will speak for themselves.” — Alexander Porter, Search It Local


“We have been using videos in our marketing communications, mainly on LinkedIn, the platform where most of our audience is.

“We’re an electronics manufacturing company. Last time we made a LI post, we talked about how this pandemic has increased the sales of electronic bikes and has kickstarted the invention of bike-like transportation systems.

“To better capture people’s attention, we created a video showing the pod-ride, a bicycle-like transportation system. Our audience loved it; they saw it as good news amidst this pandemic.” — Eulises Quintero, TITOMA


“We use video marketing at WikiLawn as part of a sales funnel that provides free, high quality content in exchange for a working email address.

“Because our business took a massive hit during the pandemic, we shifted our focus to content production in an attempt to generate more leads long term.

“The goal was to bring customers in with engaging content, keep providing them more of the content they signed up for, and slowly pitch services to them to test the viability of each lead.

“Our videos are mostly focused on DIY. They don’t directly market a product or service. Instead, they’re focused on building a trustworthy brand.

“And we’re using them as part of a long-term strategy to draw in leads by offering something of value.” —Dan Bailey, WikiLawn

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“We have used video marketing during this COVID-19 pandemic to engage our customers, to generate leads, and to increase our revenue.

“Video marketing has helped increase our brand awareness and increase our revenue. Videos have also helped us promote our company and our services, and better connect us with our ideal audience.

“The videos we create direct traffic to our site, and they generate high-intent leads and prospects.

“We used FAQ videos to answer commonly asked questions in burial, cremation, and final expense life insurance.

“Our videos have shown excellent results in reducing our viewers’ objections ahead of time and creating a more educated and higher motivated buyer.” — Randy VanderVaate, Funeral Funds


“We frequently use video at GadgetReview. It’s a staple of our brand and one of the primary ways we share content.

“In terms of marketing, we made strides during the pandemic to do short video content that would show off lower cost tech that could help people working from home.

“Because it wasn’t possible for many people to go out to a store and test these devices, we were thorough in the content we created and gave honest analyses and opinions.

“This short-form content was easy and enjoyable to make and I’m sure we’ll be continuing even after things return to some semblance of normal.

“Personally, I think it’s much easier to market a video that’s only a couple of minutes long rather than one that’s 10+ minutes.” — Rex Freiberger, GadgetReview


“As a content focused website, we took video marketing as a secondary option but during the COVID-19, we have been getting a better response from the video marketing than the usual content we produce.

“Because of the pandemic, most of the countries are in a state of lockdown, thus they are staying mostly at home and, due to that, we are getting more traffic and visibility.

“And since streaming is on the rise, too, video marketing is the way to go in this pandemic.” — Abdul Rehman, VPNRanks


Well, you heard it folks.

Seems like video content has proven to be a soothing balm for people during COVID-19. And video marketing has helped many companies to carry on conducting business during these unusual times.

It’ll be interesting to see how things unravel once the pandemic is over, not just in terms of video content and marketing but for us as a collective species.

If you’d like to start creating video content for your company but don’t know where to start, hit us up.

We’d be happy to help!

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