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What to expect this year

An in-depth look at the current state of video marketing

Every few years, we see a shift in the online video landscape, and to stay on top, marketers must be aware of the evolving digital landscape. Our full report aims to help you stay ahead of the curve as you plan your marketing strategy.

To collect responses, we surveyed 200 individuals in the USA, and our sample consisted of business owners, marketers, and consumers between the ages of 20-60.

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Year in review 2021

How businesses used video in 2021

64% of respondents said they used videos (asynchronous and synchronous) to communicate with their team while working remotely during the pandemic.

Consumer insights from 2021

42% of people reported that they were more active on social media during the pandemic.

40% of marketers said they wanted to create educational/informative content.

72% of people reported that video reduced their stress level during the pandemic and made them happy.

54% of marketers picked YouTube as their favorite platform for sharing content.

56% of people said that the pandemic pushed them toward online learning.

Explainer videos influence people

Video grabs attention on social

Video testimonials are impactful

A video landing page wins

The no. 1 platform for watching videos: YouTube

Relevant social ads are key

The no. 1 medium for keeping brands top of mind:

The most popular device for video consumption:
mobile phone

Marketers’ insights

Marketers believe in video

59% of marketers said that video marketing showed a positive ROI

Campaigns powered by video

65% of marketers said they want to build awareness for their brand, and 64% said that video helped them achieve that.


58% of marketers plan to incorporate more videos into their marketing strategies.


55% of marketers said they want to increase engagement, and 60% said video helped them with their goal.

Customer acquisition

50% of marketers said that video helped them get new customers.


37% of marketers said they want to boost conversion while 57% were able to get results.

Improved Google ranking

48% of marketers said that video improved their page’s Google search ranking.

Best for sharing video content

47% of marketers said YouTube was the best platform for sharing content; 21% chose TikTok; 14% picked Facebook; 9% went with Instagram Reels; 7% chose LinkedIn, and 2% opted for IGTV.

Most popular Instagram video feature

53% of marketers said that video stories were their favorite feature on Instagram; 29% picked Reels; 38% chose Instagram Live; 23% went with feed video, and 20% went with Live Rooms.

Employee training

62% of respondents found employee training videos useful for their business.

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