Vimeo Basic or Paid – Decide What’s Best for You

If you’ve been using video for a variety of purposes, such as employee training, event coverage, etc. you’ll note that it’s increasingly becoming one of the most important mediums for sharing content through.

With this influx of video content creation and dissemination, questions regarding video hosting and storing options arise.

The most common one, of course, is YouTube. It’s free and almost everybody knows how to use it. Despite its popularity, it does have a few drawbacks, especially when it comes to achieving business adjectives.

YouTube is essentially designed to keep users watching videos for long periods of time. This means that other creator’s videos will be pushed to the viewer, distracting them from engaging with your content and ultimately converting. This isn’t great if your target audience is closer to the bottom of the funnel.

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Let’s take a look at another option: Vimeo.

Vimeo offers free hosting along with reasonably priced upgrades to suit various needs with Vimeo Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium.

The platform is great if you want to keep some of your video content behind a paywall or if you want domain-level privacy.

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*Below, we’ll take a look at Vimeo Basic, Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium; their features, and the best practices for each package.

Vimeo Basic

Free | 500MB per week | 5GB total storage

Vimeo is a community for independent creators and production companies to display their creations. The platform allows users to browse and comment on other people’s work, too. This makes Vimeo a social platform in nature, similar to YouTube.

The thriving community of talented creatives offers a great space for people to gain inspiration from.

Vimeo Free or Basic is great if you just want to browse other people’s content and don’t tend to upload HD videos frequently. Basic has a 5GB storage limit, so if you do upload often and use up the space, you should consider upgrading to a paid program.

It’s important to note that Vimeo Free and Plus users cannot share commercial videos. This is in direct violation of the Terms of Service. If you intend to upload promotional videos, you’ll need to upgrade to Vimeo Pro, Business, or Premium.

The platform’s stance on commercial content may act as a deterrent for some video content creators. If you are looking for a video hosting platform particularly for your business, it would be wise to opt for the Vimeo Business or Premium plan instead.

Priority support for Basic users

With the basic plan, you can expect to get answers to your queries within 4 business hours, US time.

Vimeo Plus

$7 per month | 5GB per month | 250GB every year

Vimeo Basic has a cap on how many videos you can post along with several other limitations.

With Vimeo Plus you get several added benefits, such as unlimited Vimeo player bandwidth, no ads on your video, detailed analytics, social stats, custom reports, etc.

With a Plus membership, you still cannot upload commercial videos. Your account is also limited to one user, so this plan may be suitable for an independent creator, it won’t fly for a business. Trial version is available.

Priority support for Plus users

With Vimeo Plus, you can expect to get answers to your queries within 2 hours on business days

Vimeo Pro

$20 per month | 20GB per month | 1TB every year

If you’re looking for a hosting and storage site for your business’ video content, Vimeo Pro will be useful. It supports up to 3 team members and allows you to work on private projects. You can customize video colors and components, add a logo, control playback speed and much more.

If you were drawn to Vimeo for the technology that drives the platform, this is the plan where you’ll be able to take advantage of it. The trial version for Vimeo Pro is available, too.

Priority support for Pro users

With Vimeo Plus, you can expect to get responses to your queries within 2 hours on business days (including overnight).


Vimeo Business

$50 per month | No weekly limit | 5TB total storage

Vimeo Business takes it up a notch by giving you access to some more powerful tools and greater collaboration capability.

This membership plan is more suitable for video marketing because it gives you the option to integrate your marketing software, collect email addresses and add custom cards and call-to-action in the player as well.

You can have up to 10 team members with the Business plan and incorporate Google analytics, too. The trial version for Vimeo Business is available.

Priority support for Business users

Business plan users get will get support within an hour on business days (including overnight) with limited weekend support as well.


Vimeo Premium

$75 per month | Unlimited live-streaming | 7TB total storage

In addition to all the features of the previous plans, Vimeo Premium gives users the ability to live-stream at up to 1080p and allows unlimited live viewers.

With a 10 team member limit, you have the option to conduct live polls and chat with your audience, too. This package comes with a free studio encoding software. The trial version is not available so far.

Priority support for Premium users

Live support for when you are setting up your stream during business hours (US Eastern Time).

To compare plans in detail, click here.

A word of caution

If you opt for a paid membership but end up reverting back to the Basic plan, you will only be able to access 10GB of the most recent videos you uploaded; the rest will be archived.

Vimeo will store the archived videos for a year, according to this source, but you will not be able to view them.

You will be able to restore your videos by re-upgrading to a paid membership plan within the stipulated time. If a year passes, your archived videos will be deleted.


It’s safe to say that Vimeo Basic and Plus may be fine for an individual creator or hobbyist, but when it comes to seasoned professionals or even small businesses, the aforementioned options just don’t cut it.

Due to the platform’s strict rules regarding ‘commercial content’, as a business, you’d be better off choosing either Vimeo Business or Premium.

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*Information accurate at the time of publishing

Posted by Maria Saif

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