What Does It Take to Make an Amazing ‘About Us’ Video

In this day and age, marketers across the globe consider video as an unconditional requirement for businesses. With consumers watching videos at a staggering rate, it is a medium you can’t afford not to leverage.

While most businesses are aware of the power of video within their sales and marketing strategies, many seem to skip the About Us Video.

An intro video is your opportunity to set yourself apart. As long as you get the fundamentals right, you can lead it in any direction by pouring your creativity in.

Whatever marketing tactic led to the arrival of users on your About Us page, seize the chance of forging connections by educating them about who you are.

So, if you are thinking about embarking on the journey of creating an effective About Us video, you have come to the right place, as we explore 7 tips to do just that.

1.     Have a purpose in mind

Whether it is a positive brand image, increasing sales or a different goal, your intro video should have a goal – and the direction to meet it.

Typically, we see audience views and reach being taken as metrics to determine the success of a video. While in reality, we should be taking into account the actions users take after viewing a video to evaluate its performance.

Adding a call-to-action at the end of the video will tell your viewers what they should do next and point them in the right direction.

Not having a call-to-action would mean you’re letting your viewers go astray after making all that effort to initiate a visit.


By adding a phone number, the above video by Urban Farmers provides a clear direction for viewers at the end of the video.


2.     Craft a stimulating title

Many people make the mistake of labeling the title of a video as a minor detail. A title plays a crucial role in enticing browsers to click on your video. No matter how much time you have spent on getting your video right if your title is weak, your success rate will hinder.

Think about the number of videos you come across, daily. Do you click on all of them? No? We didn’t think so.

So, what sets one video apart from the other? If an attention-grabbing title was part of the reason you clicked, that alone justifies the significance of a great title.


Even though the title in this video is nothing out of the box, it provides enough information for users to click to take a peek into the office culture of BambooHR.

3.     Reflect your personality

In this digital era, internet users are bombarded with seemingly robotic messages. Therefore, it is increasingly important for prospects to see you and your team as humans rather than a brand trying to sell them something, to form connections and boost engagement.

A corporate video provides businesses an opportunity to humanize their brand through various tactics, such as behind the scenes, candid shots, interviews, etc.

Storytelling is one trick you can leverage in this area. However, one mistake that businesses make while telling a story is that they fall into the trap of believing they have to compete with Hollywood level stories. This cloud of doubt hinders their progress and they ultimately give up.

Remember, even if you don’t have a lot of material to craft a story, you can make it impactful by focusing on things that make you human.


This video by Dropbox is a great example of adding quirkiness. While they don’t show real people, the individual personalities that the puppets have seem way more human.

4.    Invest Time into Crafting a Script

To pave the way for video production, start off by writing a script. While impromptu shots may seem like the easy thing, they are not. Having a script will enable you to get the right message across, and not a word extra.

To learn more about the dos and don’ts of writing a video script, you can check out this article: How to Write an Excellent Video Script.


The interviewees in this video knew exactly what they were talking about which is why they speak with conviction and ooze confidence.

5.     Evaluate engagement data

Audience engagement data is an important metric to tailor your content specifically to your prospects’ preferences. For example, by monitoring the amount of video your viewers watch before clicking out of it will help you craft a video with an optimal length.

6.     Talk about your audience

Human beings are programmed to prioritize their own problems first. While, most of us might contribute to charity once in a while, when we talk about purchasing products or signing up for services, our personal preferences overshadow everything else.

So, in order to make an amazing video, you need to strike the balance between educating consumers about yourself and putting their needs in the limelight.

The above video works perfectly when it comes to creating content that the audience finds relatable and will continue to watch.

7.     Optimize for mobile

More than 50% of video views come from mobile. Therefore, the importance of optimizing your video for mobile is important now more than ever. Below are some tips through which you can make this happen:

  • Use simpler graphics

Before putting up your video, be sure to check whether or not your visuals are easy to digest on a smaller screen. Additionally, test your video on multiple devices before you put it up.

Read more: 7 Reasons to Use Animation for Business Growth

  • Play it on mute

According to studies, a staggering 85% of videos are watched with no sound. People tend to watch videos during a commute, at work, in the queue for food, etc. so to appeal to the masses, you should make sure it looks good and comprehensible without sound.

Wrapping up

Video has taken center stage, and for businesses, it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity. One of the most endearing allures of video is that it is the best medium to get the message across.

So, in your quest to make your website’s About Us page most effective, you can leverage video. There might not be a surefire formula to craft a video that works but there are some tactics that work more favorably than the rest.

So, by utilizing the tips above, you can make sure browsers not only click on your video but watch it all the way.


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