Where to Find Background Music for Your Video Content

People understand the power video content holds. You’re probably focused on the visuals and the message of your video, which is great, but the selection of background music deserves attention, too.

So, whether you’re making an animated explainer video or a live-action video, music can greatly impact the overall tone of your content.

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to a range of sources where you’ll find quality music for your video content needs.

Before we list the sources, we’ll go through a few licensing options so you’ll know what fits your personal or business requirements.

If you have an understanding of how this stuff works, you’ll be able to avoid copyright violations.

Music for video content – How licensing works

Copyright laws can be a bit tricky to understand. As a business, you need to understand the legality of downloading and using background music for your video content.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of using the sound tracks so you can avoid legal pitfalls down the line.

1.      Creative Commons

Creative Commons license ensures that license holders get credit for their work.

If the background music you use for your video is protected under the CC license, then you are obligated to provide attribution when you repurpose the content.

Artists typically specify how they want to be attributed, so read the related clause carefully.

2.      Public domain

Work that is not copyright protected is part of the public domain.

If the background music you have downloaded falls under public domain, you can use it for free, without permission, and attribution.

3.      Royalty free

It is important to note that royalty free does not mean free.

Music that is covered under this type of license doesn’t require the user to pay royalties each time a single track is used. You only have to pay once.

There’s one last thing we’d like to mention before we wrap this portion up…

What about ‘fair use’?

There’s an idea regarding ‘fair use’ that makes people think that using a 30-second music clip does not put them at risk of violating copyright laws. That’s actually not the case…

Myth busted

The 30-second fair use ‘exception’ just doesn’t hold up when it comes to commercial use.

The fact is that fair use isn’t an exception to copyright law. It is a defense that can be used if someone accuses you of copyright infringement.

The fair use defense, if used properly, can grant the accused limited use of copyrighted work.

Now that that’s out of the way, read on to find background music for your video content that’ll strike a chord with your target audience.

Best sources to find background music for your video content

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has a curated library of 30,000+ tracks. The search feature makes it easy to browse music that suits your video content and requirements.

Creator subscription is priced at $15 per month; business subscription is $149 per month, which can be utilized if your company has up to 50 employees.

A custom license is also available for a tailored plan.

Licensing: Royalty free

Pricing: Business subscription is $149 per month

2. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a massive audio library and you can sort through the selection by genre, duration, instrument, popularity, mood, and attribution.

Licensing: Public domain and Creative Commons

3. AudioJungle

audio jungle-motioncue

Audio Jungle has an impressive selection of 944,491 tracks from various genres. Music kits are a new addition to the site and there are about 20,700 available.

Licensing: Royalty Free

Pricing: Tracks starting at $1

4. Jamendo


Jamendo has a massive selection of various types of music you can use as background music for your video content.

The platform also allows you to cheery pick music based on where you want to use the video, for example you may want background music for a Facebook video or perhaps for a YouTube video.

Licensing: Royalty free

Pricing: Standard licensing starts at $49

5. SoundCloud

Artists from all over the world upload their music on SoundCloud. Most of the music is licensed under Creative Commons so you may find a gem if you utilize the platforms search feature well enough.

If you do find background music for your video on SoundCloud, make sure you carefully read the artist’s guidelines under the Creative Commons license.

Licensing: Creative Commons

6. Final Cut Pro (FCP) Audio

FCP Audio is a royalty free music plugin. Although it is designed specifically for Final Cut Pro, it is also compatible with several other editing platforms.

The feature that sets FCP Audio apart from other royalty free music services is that instead of getting single tracks, you get fully customizable ‘SoundStacks’.

Licensing: Royalty free

Pricing: SoundStacks are priced at $38.99

7. Bensound

Bensound is the brainchild of Benjamin Tissot, a musician and composer based in France. This artist-based website has loads of tracks for you to choose from.

You can browse tracks  from the categories available or use the search feature to find what you’re looking for.

Licensing: Royalty free & Creative Commons

Pricing: Standard license starts at €34

8. ccMixter

Thousands of artists have contributed to ccMixter. This community-based website offers a solid collection of tracks you could use as background music for your video content.

The music is licensed under Creative Commons; therefore attribution is mandatory for commercial and non-commercial use.

Licensing: Creative Commons

9. BeatPick


BeatPik houses a massive library of music. You can search using various filters, such as genre, mood, keywords, instrument, etc.

If you find something you like, you’ll have to license the song. To license a song, you’ll have to answer a few questions and your quote will be determined accordingly.

Licensing: Various typologies and custom license

Pricing: Depending on your project, licensing can cost between 30 to 30,000 Euro.

10. Free Music Archive (FMA)

FMA is a popular resource for free and royalty free music. The site offers tracks licensed under Creative Commons.

FMA’s Tribe of Noise PRO has royalty free tracks that can be filtered by mood, duration, project, energy, tempo, etc.

Licensing: Creative Commons and royalty free

That concludes our pick of the best places to find background music for your video content.

If you have a favorite website that we didn’t mention in this post, let us know about it in the comments below.

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Posted by Maria Saif

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