Whiteboard Animation for Video Marketing—Everything You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that video marketing has taken over the marketing plans of many successful businesses. This is no surprise as 70% of marketers believe that videos show a positive return on investment.

One particular video style that has exploded in the last few years is whiteboard animation. It has vividly changed many communication and marketing strategies of businesses worldwide.


1. What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a video style in which the content or media looks like it is hand-drawn on a whiteboard or just a plain white background.

The simple graphics make this type of animation a popular and convenient way to convey complex information.

The illustrations are generally followed by a narration to walk viewers through the story, making it an engaging form of communication.

Historically, whiteboard animation started when someone physically drew on a whiteboard and filmed it. But, since it was a physically exhausting and time-consuming activity, the animation style soon went digital.


2. Are whiteboard videos effective?

Well, we’ll let you decide for yourself after going through the points below.


They are easy to recall

In 2012, Dr. Richard Wiseman, a scientific award-winning psychology professor, made a video of himself talking and creating a scribed video of the same audio. After that, he tested his viewer’s memory to see how much information they retained from both. What he found out was astonishing.

Overall, there was a 15% increase in retention rate after watching scribed videos compared to the talking heads video.

In his own words, “Anyone involved in education or research will know that is absolutely massive. Normally you have to work incredibly hard to get 5, maybe 10% increase in any kind of behavioral measure like that. Simply by animation, you’re seeing a 15% increase.”



They spark curiosity

Whiteboard videos are effective at grabbing the audience’s attention. This is because the combination of animation, movements, and sound appeals to the sense and keeps the viewer hooked with what is going to happen next with the way the visuals are drawn.

The lack of background colors and the subtle white background further prevents the viewer from being distracted while managing to convey critical information.


They have more versatility

The hand-drawn images add a certain level of versatility to the whiteboard animations. It allows the viewer to feel more connected with the message that is being portrayed.

The dynamic nature of these videos also makes them suitable for any topic, from educational content to marketing videos.

Here’s how we combine these elements in our whiteboard videos!



Want a custom whiteboard animation video made for your business as well? Then get in touch!

Want a video for your business?



3. Our whiteboard animation video process


Discovery meeting

This meeting helps us understand goals, objectives and motivations and sets a direction for the project. We start with asking essential questions, such as who is your target audience? What is the message you want to convey? What is your unique value proposition?

We then come up with an idea for your video.



The next crucial step is scriptwriting. All the ideas and information gathered in step 1 are transferred into an appealing script.

During this process, you must consider the tone (funny, explanatory, informative, etc.) you want to use in the video.

The script is supposed to capture your key message and includes a CTA as well.

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Once the script is finalized, we prepare a few style scenes to give a sense of what the end product will look like.

This helps our clients get an idea of what the characters in the video will be like, what color schemes will be used, the tone, etc.

After receiving the feedback, we make all the necessary changes and then move forward.



Whiteboard animation video storyboard


A storyboard is a series of sketches that represent the individual shots you plan for your video. They often include camera angles, scene pointers, and transitions between scenes along with dialogue and other important notes.

Just like most professional writers begin their works with outlines, video content creators and filmmakers also begin their projects with storyboards as their roadmap.

Here’s a storyboard for a video we made.

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Adding voice-overs

animated video production process

This is the part where the characters get a voice! The script is recorded using professional voice-over artists, and the illustrations are animated and mixed with the voice-over and other music or sound effects.


Animation, music and sound effects

The illustrations come to life at this stage. Effects and transitions are added strategically so the message hits the mark. We also add music and sound.



Once we’re done with video production, we offer unlimited revisions. We strive for perfection and want our clients to be satisfied with the end result.



In an instance when the client approves a deliverable but later in the process wants to make changes to it, this may result in an extra fee.

Here’s a scenario that can result in an extra fee:

If we’re at the animation stage of the process, and our client wants to make some substantial changes to the script, we’ll have to re-do the storyboard and voice-over to implement the changes in animation. This is an extensive change and will result in additional charges.

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4. Best practices for creating whiteboard videos


White background

Perhaps the most crucial practice in creating a whiteboard animation video is the white in whiteboard itself, which engages the audience and conveys the message across.

If you want to change it up, try to use different formats instead of changing the background color. Otherwise, it will mess up the entire point of whiteboard animation creations.


An interconnected hand drawing

Another major essence of whiteboard animation videos is the drawing hand. The way the drawing follows the story helps the viewer visualize the narrative.


Add customized fun elements

Just because you are given a white and black theme as part of your whiteboard animation does not mean you can’t play with it. The purpose of any marketing video is to eventually raise your brand awareness, and for that, you can add visual elements that are relevant to your brand in your whiteboard animations.

You can add the signature colors of your brand or product, your logo, or sounds that represent your company image.


Establish a connection and clear communication

It’s important that the narrative and story you follow connect with your audience—and one way to do that is by including the audience in the process.

This can be done by basing off your characters on the characteristics of your target audience, which will both represent and resonate with them.

Similarly, establishing smooth and clear communication is vital during the whole whiteboard animation production process, so your end goals are met through the video.


Keep it ideal sized

You need to capture your viewer’s attention within 10 to 15 seconds into the video, so make sure that the first few seconds of your clip are interesting.

After that, to make sure that the viewer watches it till the end, keep the duration of your whiteboard animated video to 90 seconds maximum.


Ensure maximum quality

What you put out as part of your marketing strategy directly correlates with the way the audience perceives your brand. In the world of marketing, bad quality content equates to bad quality products in consumers’ minds.

So, make sure to choose high-quality whiteboard animations and illustrations to be added to your videos.

You can try out different tools, software, and companies to see what might work best for your video production.

For that, you can look up their testimonials and feedback from previous clients or ask for their portfolios to see if they really meet up your company’s needs.

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Consider the costs

While considering all the other factors related to your video production, make sure to consider the whiteboard animation video prices as well.

Look for companies that have mastered animation video making, suit your budget while delivering quality content.


5. How much does a whiteboard animation video cost?

Strategy: This forms an idea plan for your business to understand your goals, target audience, and visual animation style you’re going for. It typically costs less than $1000 on average.

Scriptwriting: This stage is vital to come up with an engaging story for your whiteboard animated video. An experienced explainer video scriptwriter will cost approximately $300 per minute of video.

Storyboarding: Coming up with visual concepts for your script can cost $3000 – $4000 on average.

Voice-over recording: To hire a professional animator voice-over artist for your videos will cost $300 per minute of audio. However, it may also depend on whether the recording will take place in a home studio or a separate studio will have to be booked for the purpose.

Animation: To add movements to your illustrated scenes and sync them with the voice-over recording will require animators. The cost for this will be from $3000 – $4000.

Music and sound effects: If you plan on adding background music or sound effects for your videos, then the following will be your costs:

  • Pricing of a professional music producer: $500-$1000 per minute of audio.
  • Cost of music tracks from stock music websites: Starting from $20 per track.
  • Licensing costs can vary between $100 – $1000.
  • The purchase of stock sound effects typically costs less than $100.

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Project management: A project manager will assist and share project updates with you and collect feedback. The price to hire one will be $500.

Average production cost for whiteboard animation videos: The cost can vary greatly from agency to agency. On average, it can range anywhere from $2500 – $20,000.

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6. Whiteboard animation examples


Football by Red Bull

Red Bull has based its marketing strategy on young audiences aged between 18 to 34 to associate the company’s energy drink with adventure, adrenaline, achievements, and success.

Their association with sports has been effective in pulling off this marketing strategy, which they have shown through their whiteboard animation ads.



RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential

The RSA is a royal society of arts, manufacturers, and commerce committed to resolving the challenges of modern times.

Check out their short informational video targeted at teachers and education workers to relatives and friends –to educate them about the right ways to interact with children.



Air Concierge – Property Management for Short Term Vacation Rental Homeowners

Air Concierge corporation offers short-term vacation rental property management for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco/Bay Area homeowners.

Let’s look at their whiteboard animated video, which gives an overview of the services they provide.



Final thoughts

We hope this blog answered all the queries you may have in mind about whiteboard animation. If you need more video marketing ideas to kickstart your own video project, feel free to get in touch.

Posted by Tuba Waseem

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