Advertisements are a powerful tool. They help any brand tell their story, put across a message, and spin the yarn in the most creative, efficient way for the audience.

Some commercials leave an everlasting impact on you and others provide the most bizarre experience. Just like your favorite films, you also pick your commercial preferences, and they remain stuck with you forever.

For me, the attributes of a good commercial are:

  1. Storyline
  2. Successful portrayal of the main theme
  3. Production value
  4. Influence

We have come across various advertisement campaigns that have successfully remained top-of-mind for decades because of their novelty and creativity (think of Nike’s Just Do it and Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like). On the other hand, there are some which have failed spectacularly for their controversial or tone-deaf nature (think of Pepsi’s Live for Now and Peloton’s holiday commercial).

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GEICO is one of the pioneers when it comes to creating memorable advertising campaigns. They have always managed to hit home with the content they regularly produce in their commercials.

In this post, readers will be able to comprehend what exactly makes their commercials so effective, memorable and successful.

Here are some key factors responsible for GEICO’s marketing prowess:

GEICO Gecko mascot and other icons

GEICO introduced its mascot, Gecko back in 1999 through the Martin Agency and ever since then, it has been the most recognizable and notable aspect of their commercials. GEICO’s Gecko was voted America’s favorite advertising icon back in 2005.


In this short commercial, Gecko himself explains the reasoning as to why it is necessary to let an icon step up and take the reins to rope in customers and serve them. It has been 20 years since Gecko was created. People have grown up watching and listening to the icon.

GEICO’s Gecko evokes feelings of nostalgia, which creates an impactful effect and hence, people want to remain associated with GEICO for a long, long time.

Other than Gecko, GEICO has also introduced Caveman and Maxwell the Pig in their advertising campaigns.




Icons are one of the reasons people are always familiar with different companies and find themselves trusting those brands more than others.

Other popular icons and mascots include Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger and Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World (who is also an internet meme). More often than not, figures like these are the prime reason why people prefer to flock to these brands as opposed to their competitors.

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Humorful, but not too full

GEICO infuses humor smartly in their commercials. Their guiding principle is to steer away from obnoxiously funny jokes to surreal, dry wit.


GEICO has incorporated deadpan humor to put across their message and thus their mascot seems like the type of gecko you’d want to grab a few drinks with.

This particular commercial was voted fan favorite in a web poll, which was created to commemorate the 25 years of collaboration with the Martin Agency.

Novel Ad Campaigns

In addition to original characters and icons, GEICO is known to have come up with exceptional concepts for their advertisement campaigns.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed that GEICO has been producing commercials with ingenious approaches and themes which swiftly catch the eyes of the audience.

From parodies to Bland Salesman, viewers enjoy the witty little plot twists in these advertisements.

GEICO advertisements also introduced several taglines such as “I’ve got good news”, “Real service, real savings” and “The money you could be saving with GEICO”. These taglines encompass the vital aspect of their business i.e. to help their customers save money through insurance.


As our world constantly transforms, we welcome new trends; technologies, and processes every single day. Despite the changes, we see that advertisements have remained constantly in fashion to introduce/re-introduce a business to the masses.

GEICO commercials are a testament to the fact that no matter what you are selling, you can form a connection with your audience and generate interest in your brand with videos that entertain, inspire, and tell a great story.

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Let us know in the comments!

(Cover photo credits: GEICO)



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