Why Startups Should Invest in an Explainer Video

According to Herbert A. Simmons, “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

This is what lies at the heart of attention economics and is something that savvy strategists consider when they plan to create content or want to enhance user experience.

So, in a global arena where everyone is vying for attention like never before, how can startups get the ball rolling? Well, great video content may be part of the answer.

There are a few types of B2B videos that work really well, especially on social media. Explainers are one of them.


What’s so great about explainer videos anyway?

Great quality videos have a better chance at holding people’s attention compared to still images and lengthy text.

Additionally, video ads tend to perform better than static ads because of their dynamic and engaging nature. This is great news for an early-stage startup.

Another advantage that video has over other forms of less dynamic content is the fact that the medium makes it easier for a lot of people to understand and retain information.

If you’re starting a software company and aim to pitch your services to stakeholders, then an explainer video is the perfect launchpad for success.


The key here is to focus on creating a well-thought-out explainer that tells the viewers what your startup has to offer and what makes you stand out.

If your product or service is complex, an explainer video is an excellent opportunity to help people grasp the idea with ease using the right visuals, narration, etc.


To outsource or not to outsource?

So, if you do want an explainer video for your startup, how would you go about having one made?

Well, you could do it yourself if you have an in-house production team but if you don’t have one, you can always hire professionals.

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If you hire a video production agency to create an explainer video, you’ll be able to extensively work on the video’s messaging so that it is clear, concise, on-brand, and fun to watch.

Because of how the video production process works, there will be plenty of back and forth between you and the team you’ve hired.

The discussions and meetings will flesh out existing concepts and bring creative ideas to the table. The entire process will also help you see your product or service from an entirely different perspective.

You’ll better understand exactly how you need to pitch to your stakeholders and what they’ll be most interested in or concerned about.


Startup explainers that got it right

Below, I’ve mentioned 5 of my favorite startup explainer videos from businesses that established themselves over the past decade or so.

Some of these, like Winnow, are more complex than others, but the videos make tricky concepts relatively easy to grasp and have the ability to hook the viewer till the very end.


1. Poshtel POPUP

Poshtel Popup has brought innovation to the concept of lodging.

The idea is to make functional, affordable, sustainable, and stylish living spaces, such as a condo, a hotel or a building, more accessible to the masses with minimal delays and bureaucracy hurdles.

The circular construction concept, based on the idea of producing zero waste, lies at the heart of what Poshtel Popup is all about.

The company wants to usher in a model of living that supersedes the one we have learned to rely on.

The ease of assembling, dissembling, and recycling the popup buildings is what makes this concept so unique.

The explainer succinctly describes the idea of popup living spaces and the motivations behind this venture.


2. Poshmark

Over the past decade, thrifting has gained popularity and opportunists have taken note. Poshmark is a social e-commerce marketplace that was established in 2011.

The app allows people in the United States to buy and sell used clothing items and accessories from the comfort of their homes.

This app explainer video helps people understand the concept with ease.


3. Spotify

Spotify is headquartered in Sweden and was founded in 2006. The digital service gives its users access to millions of songs and podcasts.

For its US launch, the company put out this upbeat, energetic animated explainer video.


4. Winnow

The problem of food wastage is one that is prevalent all across the globe. It is most staggering in the food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry.

To combat this issue, Winnow has come up with an AI-powered solution.

This explainer video tells the viewer exactly what they need to know, how the technology works, along with its benefits in a convincing and relatively short amount of time.


5. Apeel

Founded in 2012, Apeel brings forth a simple solution in an effort to reduce food wastage. The company has concocted a formula that extends the shelf life of fresh produce. Their creative explainer uses stop motion to get the message across.


The bottom line

Startup culture today is fueled by technology, innovation, and mankind’s dream for a more sustainable future.

Founders and entrepreneurs who have figured out ways to make this dream a reality are the ones stealing the spotlight.

If your startup company has a brilliant solution to a complex problem we face today, you’ll have to market yourself so you don’t get drowned out by a myriad of half-baked business propositions or straight up scams, such as one of Silicon Valley’s highly publicized train wrecks—Theranos.

An explainer video will help you get your message across and allow you to generate buzz surrounding your product or service.

If you’re considering having an explainer made for your business, feel free to contact us and check out our services if you’d like. We’d love to help!

Posted by Maria Saif

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