Why You Need Short Video Content

Short videos can be great for business. In this post, you’ll find out why.

Content marketing is now one of the foremost ways through which brands can reach their target audiences. Content that is engaging, shares information, and is shareable is now the key to success.

However, with customers having internet access through smart devices, brand managers and content marketers are now leveraging the power of visual storytelling through videos.

Contrary to popular belief, videos are not for big brands alone. Startups and small business enterprises can also incorporate videos in their content. This is where short videos come in.

A short video, that would be only 30 – 45 seconds long, will allow you to share content with your audiences on digital platforms.

There are plenty of options when it comes to using short videos in content. In this post, we will go through some examples that you can use to get high engagement.

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Share tips

Short videos can be used to share tips and hacks with your audiences. These videos can share ideas on how to use your products and services more efficiently.

For instance, the good people at Johnson and Johnson use short videos on their “Healthy Essentials” Facebook page to share awareness regarding safe and healthy living.

Our Babies Will Inherit Our Planet®, so let’s teach our children to turn off the water faucet while they brush their teeth. Just like recycling in the bathroom, small steps like this can have a big impact on the planet for future generations. Happy Earth Day!Learn more at CaretoRecycle.com.#CareToRecycle #SaveWater #TomorrowsPlanet #EarthDay #FutureGenerations

Posted by Care Club formerly Healthy Essentials on Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Promote your events

With short videos, you can easily promote your upcoming events. You can share your booth at an expo or share highlights of your events with your customers.

Videos can actually engage your customers by showing them scenes of the events in real-time.


Sharing news and announcements

With short videos, you can share news regarding new products or services, upcoming events, and even new discounts. It shouldn’t be a promotional video but a funny, engaging video that showcases the news in a friendly manner.


Behind the scenes videos

When brands get candid, they seem more authentic. This sort of content includes short videos that show what goes on behind the scenes; interviews with the employees; how a product reaches customers, and much more.


Bottom line

So, there you have it. Short videos can add a punch to your content. Videos generate more organic reach for your brand on digital platforms. Social Bakers report that videos have 2x more organic reach compared to other post types.

Using short videos will keep your audiences hooked to what you have to say. For startups, this may be the key to reaching greater audiences without spending a lot.

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