Top 8 YouTube Tools to Grow your Channel

When you want to watch videos, YouTube might be your favorite place.

And it’s not just a hit with viewers, marketers are big fans, too. In our 2022 survey, we found out that 47% of marketers chose YouTube as the best platform for sharing content.

So if you want to build an online presence for your brand, you can’t go wrong with YouTube.

But since it’s so popular, it’s also highly competitive.

So if you’ve figured out how you’re going to create the content, you’ll have to think of a strategy to give your content the best chance at success.

For that, you’ll have to think about thumbnails, optimization and all that jazz.

And to do that, you’ll need to use the right tools.

So let’s have a look at some of the best YouTube tools out there and how you can use them to grow your channel.


1.  TubeBuddy

One of the most popular YouTube tools is TubeBuddy. It makes it simple to manage your YouTube channel.

This free browser add-on and mobile app can help you keep track of things at home, in the office, or on go.

It is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.



  • Accurate keyword research
  • A/B testing
  • Capable of exporting comments to CSV files
  • Filter comments
  • Schedules posts for future





2.  vidIQ

vidIQ is another great YouTube tool that can be used to check and track the stats of your YouTube channel. You can get in-depth reports with vidIQ to help you optimize your YouTube channel.

Track who is seeing your content specifically. You can then create videos that are appealing to that audience. Market in accordance with their needs.



  • Offers SEO tools
  • Tracks the keyword score, views, and more
  • Tracks engagement metrics
  • Has a friendly user interface



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3.  YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is one of the most important analytics tools which is also the official YouTube app for creators.



  • Provides insights, pictures of your most recent upload, and personalized suggestions
  • Lets you keep an eye on the progress of your channel in real time
  • Tracks metrics such as impressions, click-through rate, unique viewers
  • Allows you to update video information, such as titles, subtitles, thumbnails, and monetization
  • Enhances your video before it is displayed



Anyone with a YouTube account gets access to YouTube Studio for free.

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4.  Camtasia

You can create videos using the Camtasia application for screen sharing and recording. If you make tutorials, this might be the best tool for you.



  • Lets you add special effects and markups
  • Has royalty-free assets
  • Offers a library of music and audio effects
  • Gives you loads of transitions and animations to choose from




5.  Keywordtool

Keyword research is important when it comes to content creation. It’ll help you figure out what topics people are searching for and then create a video that covers those topics.

Knowing the right keywords is also important when it comes to optimizing your YouTube video (title, descriptions, metadata, and so on).

That’s essentially why Keywordtool is useful.



  • Identifies words and phrases that YouTube users search for
  • Generates relevant long-tail keywords about any topic
  • Suggests video tags and captions that are likely to draw an audience



You can use Keyword tool for free but to get access to all its feature there are plans. other plans of keyword tool are as below


6.  Canva

You might have already heard of Canva. It’s a web-based tool that offers a larger number of graphic design templates and elements that can help you create cool-looking content for social media.

So if you want to create custom thumbnails, YouTube channel art or add subtitles and elements to your video, Canva is a godsend.



  • Gives you an array of templates to choose from
  • Has a library of stock images, graphics, stickers, and more.
  • Many of Canva’s assets and tools are free
  • Lets you edit videos



Canvas basic plan is free. But there are other plans if you want to get access to more features.

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7.  Social blade

Social Blade gives a comprehensive analysis of the growth of any YouTube channel. You can compare your growth with your competitors to see what kind of content is working for them.



  • Tracks statistics across different social media platforms
  • Shows video views and subscribers count
  • Offers YouTube consulting
  • Helps you find relevant influencers
  • Gives you free access to their public database
  • Displays real-time data




8.  Tubics

Tubics is a powerful cloud-based YouTube SEO tool that does more than just brainstorm keyword ideas. Based on the most effective content for every particular topic, the platform suggests video structure and layout.



  • Can generate scripts, outlines, and talking points for a video
  • Suggests tags and descriptions for videos that may be performing poorly
  • Good for keyword research
  • Easy competitor analysis



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Wrap up

There is no doubt that creating content for YouTube can be challenging at times and with the ever-changing algorithm. But it’s good to stay informed and have a strategic approach. So hopefully this post helped you out in some capacity.

And if you’d like some help with video production specifically, then get in touch with us. 2D animation is our specialty but we’ve also just started creating 3D videos too.  So whatever your requirements, the team would be happy to help.

If that sounds like something you’d be into, get in touch!

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