50 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Business [with Examples]

With over 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube is a behemoth in the social media landscape.

According to a recent study, it’s also the number one platform for sharing and watching video content. This makes it a very competitive space for creators to get seen.

So, on your mission to come up with original YouTube video ideas, you might come face to face with a massive creative block.

Luckily, creativity is a well that never dries up. To move things along, all you’ll need is a bit of inspiration and a can-do attitude.

We can’t help you out with the latter, but we can inspire you.

Of course, if you’re pressed for time and the idea of creating social media videos seems daunting, you could always outsource your video production to an agency like ours.

Get in touch if that sounds like something you’d be into.

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If you have your heart set on going down the DIY route and you want to know how to come up with YouTube video ideas on your own, then keep reading.

We’re going to cover 3 categories with a total of 50 YouTube video ideas.

The categories include “getting to know you” content, educational and instructional videos, fun content, and a few more we think would benefit your business.

We’ve also included examples from some of the top creators on the platform so you can brainstorm ideas for yourself.

Let’s begin!


YouTube video ideas – our pick of the top 50


Don’t be a stranger!

People generally think the corporate world is cold and robotic. To shed the evil corporation trope, roll back the curtains and show your viewers the people behind the brand. It’s a great way to establish trust with your audience.

Here’s what you can experiment with.


1. Introduce yourself

If you’re going to be on-screen, your viewers will develop an interest in you as a person.

So, introduce yourself, talk about your motivations, share a bit of your background and set the tone for the content on your channel so your audience knows what to expect.

Here’s an ask me anything (AMA) video where Michael Stevens, the man behind Vsauce, talks about his life, career, and the content on his channel.



2. Introduce your organization

Create a sort of “about us” video and talk about your company’s why, how, and what.

Simon Sinek first popularized this idea. It’s a perspective that goes beyond just looking at profitability.

His proposed model is called “the golden circle”. The graphic below illustrates the general idea.


The golden circle - Simon Sinek


When people understand your company’s mission, vision, and values, they can relate to your brand and content better.


3. Culture video

Culture videos are another great way to humanize a brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

These types of videos can also help you attract great talent.


4. Introduce the team

Everyone has a unique personality. If several members of your team will be on-screen or, in some way, involved in the content creation process, create a video to introduce them to your audience and let people’s individuality shine through.


5. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) fun

Showing people how the work gets done along with the fun and shenanigans that go on behind super serious work makes for great candid content and gives people a whole new appreciation for the stuff you do.

Here’s a BTS video that shows the making of Ambev’s stop motion video, Dear Trash.



6. Start a vlog

Speaking of candid content, vlogs are something to consider. They are generally not scripted and fall under the long-form content umbrella.

If you don’t want your vlogs to live on your main channel, you could make a separate channel dedicated to them.

The raw unedited style of content in contrast to highly polished videos can seem refreshing. Let’s face it, people don’t always want to see perfection, and vlogs are a great way to be casual and share things on the go.


7. Video podcast

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, try making a video podcast instead.

Humans are visual creatures and being able to see the people behind the podcast makes everything more engaging.

And guess what! We have a podcast, too. Head on over to our YouTube channel to check out more content and subscribe if you like!



8. Tour video

If you recently moved into a new space, you can do a welcome-to-my-crib style tour to show off!


9. A day-in-the-life video

For a more casual video, take things away from the office and do a day-in-the-life video.

If you’ve been getting some engagement on your socials from doing video podcasts or selfie videos, then allow your followers to get to know you a little better with a day-in-the-life style video


10. Draw my life

A draw-my-life video is very personal.

There’s a channel on YouTube that exclusively creates this type of content using an actual whiteboard, pens, and markers.

Here’s one that covers Stan Lee’s life:



Cool, right? You could create something like this for your business, but instead of using a physical medium, you could go digital and choose whiteboard animation instead.

If you’re willing to show some vulnerability and want to share your journey, then this is a great way to do that.


Educational YouTube videos

If you want to go the educational or infotainment route, there are plenty of YouTubers to gain inspiration from.

Vsauce, Veritasium, and Kurzgesagt are a few of the best channels in this genre. They combine great storytelling with extremely well-researched content.

Now, what are some good YouTube video ideas for this category? Here’s what we recommend:


11. Explainer video/product demo

An explainer video explains what a product or service does in a succinct and engaging way. A product demo video accomplishes a similar task.

The key to a good explainer or product demo video is that it showcases something complex in the simplest way possible.

Here’s one we made:



Pro tip: You can make your video more engaging by introducing an emotional appeal like humor.


12. DIY video

The pandemic pushed people toward DIY projects. YouTube Culture & Trends reported an increase in terms like “how to cut hair,” “home workouts,” and “cooking”.

If it makes sense for your brand, create videos that empower your audience. This is the type of evergreen content that will get you views for a long period of time.


13. How-to/tutorial

According to Think with Google, how-to videos get more attention than videos from other content categories on YouTube.



So, for example, if you offer software as a service, your how-to videos could help your audience learn about various features allowing them to get more out of their purchase.

Here’s another example of a how-to video. This one’s from our CEO, Osama!



14. Customer onboarding/training video

Focusing on your customer’s post-purchase experience is a great way to boost retention and loyalty.

These types of videos are ideal and often necessary if you’re in the B2B industry selling complex equipment or software.


15. Employee training video

Corporate training videos have been around for a long time, but they became more popular as COVID-19 forced businesses into a remote work setting.

Employee training videos can help your team upskill no matter where they are in the world.

Your team members can also refer to them whenever they like. It’s a pretty neat option for multinational companies who work with remote employees regularly.

Here’s a 2D animated training video we made for a client:



16. Webinar

YouTube Live is an excellent way to organize a webinar.

Since the pandemic made it impossible for the business community to hold in-person events and conferences, webinars on YouTube Live became the alternative.

Make sure to promote your event on social media so your followers know when to tune in and what to expect.

If you don’t have a lot of engagement on your socials, we recommend that you start spreading the word a month in advance and take advantage of paid promotion, as well.


17. Thought leadership videos

If you have some original insights or information about your industry, you can create thought leadership video content to build credibility and trust.

According to an Edelman study, thought leadership content can help shorten the sales cycle, too.

Now, you might be wondering what counts as thought leadership content.

Here’s are a few options:

  • If you’ve conducted a study, share your findings in video format.
  • Feature C-suite executives and allow them to share practical advice and insights.
  • Offer a fresh take on industry news and developments.

If you want to learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader using video, check out our previous post.


18. Infographic video

An infographic video visualizes data and knowledge in an engaging way.

Ideally, it weaves in aspects of storytelling to keep viewers interested.

Here’s an example from WWF that highlights the issue of food scarcity and management and asks viewers to “change the way you think about everything”.



19. Video essays

Video essays are in-depth think pieces that forward a particular argument.

If done well, you will gain authority in your domain.


20. Case study video

Turn a text-based case study into something fun and engaging.

Get your viewers excited about how your company tackled a problem and arrived at a solution.

Here’s a case study video that covers the #comeonin campaign for Sydney’s Opera House and the impact it had.



21. Latest industry news and updates

Keep your viewers updated with the latest industry news.

If you can produce this type of content consistently, your viewers will know what to expect and your channel may become a reliable source of information.

Here’s a video of the latest graphic design trends by Envato.



22. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you have built a following on your channel, a frequently asked questions video might work well for you.

The video could just be a session where you answer FAQs about your product or service, or you could try something a bit more personal like this:



23. Bust some myths

Are there any myths surrounding your product or service?

Educate your customers and prospects with a myth-busting video.

Here’s an example:



Review videos


24. Product reviews

There are YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing movies, books, video games, household appliances, snacks, and more.

If it makes sense for your particular business, you can create review videos too.


25. Testimonials

Testimonial videos offer the social proof your prospects may need to make the decision to choose your brand.

Reach out to your past clients/customers and ask for a written review.

If you want to go all out, invite them for an interview.

Reach out to them for their availability and offer a list of testimonial questions beforehand so no one gets nervous when the cameras start rolling.

Here’s one by Nordstrom featuring a very happy customer.



26. Best of…

If you have a company blog, you’ve probably written a post or two listing the best of something.

People find this type of content useful, that’s why it’s so popular.

So, take the same idea and turn it into a video!


27. Unboxing video

Unboxing videos feature people opening up boxes and talking about the content of the package.

If your company creates physical products, this is something you could try.

You could also sponsor an influencer, send them a box, and ask them to create an unboxing video as a promotion for your brand.


YouTube video ideas-against the grain

Who says businesses can’t have some fun with content?

The best part of social platforms like YouTube is that you can experiment with ideas and step out of your comfort zone.

You can explore the following:


28. Storytime videos

Storytime videos can be a little over the top. It’s what makes them funny.

Some popular storytime channels on YouTube include TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animation.

Take inspiration from these creators to create business-related storytime videos.

It’s a great way to show people you don’t take yourself too seriously.


29. Parody videos

Does sass run through your veins? Well, then making parody videos might be your calling.

Here’s one of our favorites by Dissolve.



30. Prank videos

If you think prank videos are a no-go for businesses, think again.

April 1st is a great time to get cozy with the God of Mischief.

Many companies now take their shot at creating prank videos on April Fools’ Day to get a few laughs.

This one by Heinz is one of our favorites:



31. Comedy/skits

Flex your funny bones with comedy bits and skits. Here’s a series by JK! Studios we love.



32. Challenge videos

Challenge videos can help you get more views on YouTube.

You could create a Hot Ones style challenge video.

There’s a lot to explore, so keep your finger on the social pulse to know what’s trending.

Read more: How to Find Trending Topics for Your Videos


33. Bloopers

Bloopers can humanize an organization and put a smile on everyone’s face.

You’re bound to goof up while creating video content, so save the best footage to compile and share with your viewers.



34. Music video

Does creating an original track for your business sound exciting?

Put your musical or production chops to the test and create something fun for your brand.

You could work with an indie or relatively unknown artist if you have a tight budget.

Creating a music video will allow you to showcase something truly unique like ELF did for their #eyelipsface campaign.

The cosmetic company was the executive producer for this music video.



35. Animal videos

Who doesn’t love an adorable animal video?

If it makes sense for your brand, share a cute cat… or pigeon video.

Pablo Rochat, creative director at Pablo Rochat Studios, has made a name for himself by sharing content like this.



36. Magic tricks

Can you convey your brand message with a magic trick?

Check out this cool ad by Wideroe, it might give you some more video ideas for YouTube.



37. Time-lapse

If you’re planning an event, you could do a time-lapse to show progression.

Use narration or text to explain what’s going on. Add background music to make it engaging.


38. What’s in my bag?

What do you or your company’s CEO/CMO/COO (you get the idea) have in their bag?

It could make for some interesting content.


39. What’s on my phone?

We all use an assortment of apps on our phones. Some are for recreation while others are for productivity, organization, and more.

Your audience could learn something from a video like this and get an idea of how you use tech to get your job done.


40. Videos featuring user-generated content

Celebrate your audience by occasionally featuring their content on your social channels.

Here’s a compilation of user-generated content that kicked off as part of ELF’s TikTok challenge.



41. ASMR

ASMR videos offer a unique sensory experience.

It’s not for everyone but this sort of content has gained a niche audience on YouTube.

Think we’re straying into strange territories?


But we’ll let you make your judgments after watching this Virgin Atlantic ASMR video:



Some more video ideas


42. Promo video

Show the world you’ve arrived with an upbeat promo video.

Here’s one we made for ourselves.



Like what you see? Get in touch and we can hook you up with a video for your business, too.

Want a video for your business?



43. Video stories

Almost every Tom, Dick, and Halle Berry now lets you share stories. The same goes for YouTube.

Now that it’s there, you can use it to share announcements or bite-sized candid videos.



44. Reaction video

Think you can add some interesting commentary to other’s content while giving an animated reaction?

Then you could give this a go.

Be mindful of copyright laws and make sure your content falls under fair use.

Here’s a reaction we did!



45. Year in review

Wrap up the year with a video featuring the most important moments and milestones related to your industry. STRAVA’s video is a great example.



46. Live streaming

During the pandemic, live streams gained popularity.

According to StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, major live-streaming platforms saw total number of hours watched go up by 45%.

Another research also found that YouTube is the number 1 platform for sharing and watching content.

With that in mind, streaming on YouTube Live is definitely something your business could consider.

Here’s what you could live stream:

  • A webinar, as discussed early on in the post
  • An event.
  • A lesson (like a classroom that has a remote audience).


47. Crisis management videos

Organizations generally have a crisis management plan to mobilize teams and manage PR.

But taking advantage of crisis management videos isn’t on everyone’s radar.

You can use a crisis management video to send out a quick message to your customers and stakeholders to de-escalate a situation.


48. Teaser video

A teaser video can get people excited about your next big launch or announcement.

Take inspiration from video game trailers.

If you need some help creating an epic teaser, get in touch. Our video strategists would love to help.

Want a video for your business?



49. Highlight reel/montage

Share highlights or a montage of the moments that made you jump for joy.

Let your audience see the silly, playful side of you.

It doesn’t have to be all buttoned up all the time.


50. Thank-you video

Create a thank-you message for your customers or followers to show them how grateful you are for all their support

Here’s an example by Amnesty International



51. Shopping haul

If you’re redecorating, you can show your latest hauls. It could include office stationery, furniture, décor items, and more.

You can share more information about your favorite brands, why you choose the particular aesthetic, or talk about your interior design philosophy if you want to get fancy.


52. Office makeover

If you’re revamping your office or moving into a new space, then you could do a part two to the shopping haul and show a complete office makeover.



53. Work in progress

Landed a new project? That’s great. It’s time to show them how you are going to take different steps to reach your goal. It gauges their interest, and they are always looking forward to what the future holds.

It can be inspirational for your audience in a way that it can help them to set their own targets, and follow into your footsteps to achieve them.


54. Tips for office meals

If you’re an expert cook, you can share different recipes for healthy, easy-to-prepare office lunches.

You can also share different hacks for kitchen etiquette and cleanliness along with steps for meal prep.



We covered loads of YouTube video ideas for you, but there is another thing to consider: your video type/style.


Your video style

It sounds like we’re opening another can of worms right now, but stick with us.

Your video style will depend on your budget, brand identity, and vision.

You can try animation, live-action, or a combination of the two. But with animation, the possibilities are endless.

Within the realm of animation, you have several options. Here’s what you can experiment with: 2D, 2.5D, 3D, Kinetic typography, whiteboard animation, stop motion, cel animation, and more.

Find out more in our post: 11 Animation Styles for Your Next Marketing Video


That’s all folks

We hope you found something in this post that will work for your brand.

And although the idea of creating videos may seem daunting, we encourage you to start.

If you’d rather have someone else create video content for your business, then get in touch with us.

Want a video for your business?


You can check out our portfolio here and if you want to get to know us a little more, visit our social media.

P.S. If you’ve already started creating video content, you should also learn about YouTube SEO!

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