The Benefits of Using Video Case Studies for Your Business

Video case studies are a powerful marketing tool because they offer proof to prospects that your business has something valuable to offer. This factor is crucial in nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

Often, testimonials and case studies get plopped into the same boat. In reality, they are two different things. Testimonials feature your clients talking about their experience with your company, product or service.

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Case studies, on the other hand, are data-driven stories of your successful projects told by you. They follow the old reliable problem-solution format.

Here are some impressive stats about case study videos and just video content in general.


Benefits of case study videos


So, what are the benefits of video case studies?


Benefits of video case studies

  • They establish credibility: Since case studies show the success of your previous projects, they build brand trust and are great at helping your prospects visualize what they can expect if they choose to work with you.
  • Increase engagement: Case study videos are a chance to get creative and tell a compelling story about your past work.
  • Nurture leads: this sort of content is excellent for the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Stand out: Case study videos take time and effort to make. So, most companies aren’t pursuing this form of content. If you decide to take the plunge, it’ll set you apart from your competitors.
  • Sharable: You can strategically use your case study video on your website, landing page or on other appropriate online real-estate and optimize for SEO.

Now, if you’re convinced, we’ll talk about video case studies in more detail so you can make the best of it.


Case study video structure

In your case study video, you should aim on covering the following essential elements:

  • Describe the project brief
  • Talk about your action plan
  • Reveal the results

Case studies, no matter what the format (video or text), must touch on the points mentioned above.


Project brief

In the first portion, present the problem so that your viewers can relate it to their own situation. Odds are that they may be facing a similar issue. Talk about any constraints or hurdles that were in place.

In the next part, you can breakdown how you maneuvered past the barriers and overcame other limitations. This helps set the stage and allows your audience to understand exactly how your business can help.


Action plan

Next up, describe what solutions you came up with, how you implemented them, and show off your process. This will let prospects get an idea of how you take action and what working with you looks like.



Lastly, represent the results in an easy-to-digest and engaging manner. Use concrete metrics, such as data and stats, to make an impression on the viewer. Your prospects will be able to visualize what you’ll be able to deliver if they were to acquire your services or product.

With case study videos, you can build authority in your industry, similar to thought leadership videos, and demonstrate your product or service in action.

Now that you know the basic case study format and how effective these bad boys can be, let’s take a look at some examples that’ll inspire you.


Our pick of the best video case studies


1. Sonic #SquareShakes

Sonic’s video holds attention well. The visuals, background music, everything, pulls you in. In the last half, it shows you impressive results that convince the viewer about the immense impact #SquareShakes had.



2. Savannah Lemon Loving – Digital Marketing Case Study

Another visually appealing and fun case study video about a successful campaign. Just goes to show that case studies don’t have to be boring!


3. Coca-Cola Case Study

If you Google “Best Video Case Studies” this one repeatedly shows up in the search results. And for good reason. The narration, visuals, and quirky sound track blend very well.



4. McDonald’s “Make Your Own Burger” Case Study

We thought this one was super creative. The use of trays is very unique and on-brand for McDonald’s. Another great example of how a case study video doesn’t need to look or sound like a generic piece of corporate content.



5. Volkswagen – Street Quest Case Study

The video gives you a sense of community and does a great job of helping you comprehend the campaign’s impact. All those cars and people coming together leave an impression. Again, doesn’t look or feel buttoned up at all.


Do you have any favorites of your own? Share them in the comments!

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Now, let’s take a look at case study video pros and cons so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with this type of content.


Video case study pros and cons



  • Case study videos can help you establish credibility in the industry and convert leads. Let’s not forget that the video format itself is much more attention grabbing then text-based case studies.
  • They help prospects see your product or services in context, which makes it more tangible in a way.
  • The fact that this type of content is backed with concrete facts is another added advantage. The results speak for themselves and nothing trumps that.
  • You can optimize your case study videos for SEO as you would with other content.
  • You’re not limited in terms of style and storytelling. You can experiment with what interests you, such as animated, live action or a combination of both, and create whatever you think is ideal for your target audience.

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  • One drawback case study videos have is the fact that they take time to make.
  • Another thing to consider is the industry you’re in. If you’re in the fast-paced tech industry, for example, your case study video may become outdated quickly.

If time constraints are your concern, then you could outsource your video production to take the burden off your shoulders.

And don’t forget to consider relevancy before you start to think about shifting your content creation efforts to case study videos. Check if it’s feasible, if it is, then go for it.

If you’d like some help with producing your video, leave us a message!

Posted by Maria Saif

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