Top 5 Tips on How to Create Engaging Video Content

The internet is saturated with content, and marketers who think outside the box are the ones who come out on top.

To get to the proverbial peak, you need to learn how to capture your audience’s attention with engaging videos.

Read our top 5 tips on how to create engaging video content that can elevate your brand.


1. Capture your audience’s curiosity

Mankind’s curiosity is the driving-force of human development, progress, and ingenuity. People always have the urge to want to know why, how, when, and where.

It would be wise to keep this human trait in mind if you want to create engaging video content.

If you make the audience sense a gap in their knowledge, you can get them engaged in your video content because there is a payoff at the end.

You can achieve this in many ways. The most common one is to select the most interesting bits of the video and synthesize them at the beginning. This will create an interest in the viewer’s mind.


2. Know your audience and hold their attention

According to Facebook’s video consumption data analysis for 2016, people who watch the first 3 seconds of a particular video will continue watching it for at least 30 seconds.

After nailing step 1, you have to hold your audience’s attention so they don’t click off onto the next thing.

Since you have no real-time visual cues that allow you to decipher your viewer’s reaction, your best bet is to understand your audience and analyze signs of engagement.

Tweak your video content accordingly for the next time you post.


Increase video engagement


To increase the video’s engagement, you must analyze the following:

  •         Comments
  •         Number of new subscribers
  •         Likes
  •         Audience retention rate

You can also ask the audience what they want using polls or by interacting with them directly in the comment section. This will also increase engagement and make the viewers feel valued.


3. Use eye-catching visuals to make engaging video content

Video has become the most popular source of information and entertainment for people today. YouTube’s popularity is a testament to this fact.

According to Oberlo, 85% of internet users in the United States watch videos monthly and 54% demand more video content from their favorite brands or companies that they follow.

In an age when people are pressed for time and have short attention spans, aesthetically appealing; fun to watch videos reign supreme.

Marketing videos can be of various types, such as:

  •         Explainer videos
  •         Tutorials
  •         testimonials
  •         Interviews
  •         Live streams
  •         Product videos
  •         Vlogs (Video blogs)

Use visual storytelling to get your point across to the audience in a short amount of time. Incorporate text, narration, animation etc. to create dynamic and engaging video content.

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4. Incorporate storytelling for engaging video content

Storytelling is key when it comes to creating engaging video content. It allows you to move away from the in-your-face, product-led method of advertising to something that is more nuanced.


Sainsbury’s commercial for 2014, “Christmas is for sharing” is an example of great storytelling. The video tugged at the heartstrings of viewers in the UK and around the world. It also became the most-viewed ad in the UK.

Currently, it has more than 20 million views on YouTube and even helped the grocery store reach second place in its sector.

To create a story-line for your video, you could follow one or multiple plot lines. You may think that there are a wide variety of story styles to choose from. In reality, the number isn’t very overwhelming.

Various authors have noted that there are essentially 7 types of plots for stories.

You, as a marketer and advertiser, can make use of at least one of these to create a compelling narrative for your video content.


Engaging Video Content 7 story plots

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5. Integrate ethos, pathos, and logos for persuasive content

Ethos, pathos, and logos are Aristotle’s famous rhetorical appeals; also known as “modes for persuasion”. These are used in speech writing and advertising to get the audience to empathize with a point of view. The three appeals can be briefly described as follows:

  •         Ethos: appeal by ethics
  •         Pathos: appeal by emotion
  •         Logos: appeal by logic


i) Include facts and establish your company’s credibility

Ethos allows the establishment of trust between you and your audience. This happens when you successfully establish your credibility.

You can increase engagement if your audience views you as a reliable source of content. Incorporate logos as well and include facts and figures. Double check your references, back up claims, and give credit where credit is due.

You can also work with influential personalities for engaging video content creation. This helps to project a particular image for your brand and bolsters credibility as well.

Maintain you brand’s reputations so you don’t have to worry about damage control later.

In the current politically correct climate, companies and brands may take a step in the wrong direction and anger the masses.

In extreme circumstances, it is usually best to address grievances, issue an apology, and proceed with building up your company’s reputation so your audience can see that you’ve learned from mistakes.

Your company and brand image will suffer if you don’t pay attention in this area of rhetorical appeal.


 ii) Appeal to your audience’s emotions

In the previous point, we discussed ethos (appeal by ethics). This part deals with pathos (appeal by emotions).

There is an endless ocean of content and over saturation of advertisements in the present day. Brands and companies must reach their audience and get the message across without coming off as a nuisance.

Creating video content that evokes an emotional response is a great way to cut through the noise and increase audience engagement.

Videos that resonate with viewers and incite hope, happiness, excitement, and intrigue are the ones that go viral.

Content that has an emotional appeal is more memorable and impacts the audience in a profound way. The result is that the viewer remains engaged and forms a bond with the brand.


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If you succeed in creating engaging video content that makes your audience feel good, they will share it with their friends and come back for more. Start incorporating these tips and revamp your video content strategy.

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Oh and one more thing, if you’d like a video for your business, then hit us up!

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